Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach & Athletic Department Diversity Coordinator – Lawrence University

School: Lawrence University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Midwest
This position reports to the Head Men’s Basketball Coach and the Athletics Director.
When assisting the Head Men’s Basketball Coach, any and/or all of the duties listed below are the responsibility of the position.
  • Recruitment of prospective student-athletes (PSA).
      • Recruit PSAs compatible with University’s mission and the specific goals of the Men’s Basketball program.
      • Communicate with the PSAs and their families by phone, mail, and in person.
      • Take recruiting trips (days and evenings) across the Midwest and beyond.


  • Evaluation of prospective student-athletes (PSA).
    • Through video and in person, watch and evaluate PSAs talent, skill level and overall fit for the Men’s Basketball program and University.
    • Communicate effectively with PSA, families, coaches and others in connection with PSA to determine overall fit for the Men’s Basketball program and University.
  • Administrative tasks assigned by the head coach include, but not limited to:
    • Coordinate activities in preparation for scheduled competitions.
    • Assist with practice, game and team event scheduling.
    • Attend appropriate Athletics departmental staff meetings.
    • Monitor student-athlete academic performance and implement team, Athletics department, and University measures to support their academic performance.
    • Communicate with the student-athletes about academics and other matters pertaining to their enrollment and educational progress.
      • Ensure appropriate safety measures are observed when conducting team activities.
    • Assist in advising student-athletes and staff of applicable NCAA and basketball specific rules, regulations, and University policies and ensure compliance of such regulations.
    • Work with alumni student groups, University administration, and community groups to seek support for the team.
    • Assist with planning, marketing and working camps/clinics.
  • Assist with game preparation and student-athlete basketball skill development.
    • Attend all team practices and home and away games.
    • Coordinate all activities in preparation for scheduled competition.
    • Cooperate with the University Athletic Trainers to ensure student-athletes receive proper medical and physical training services.
    • Assist the Head Coach in the review of practice and game video.
    • Assist the Head Coach in creation of opponent scouting reports.
    • Plan and direct athletics skill development for student-athletes.
    • Assist the Head Coach in practice planning and execution of practice daily.
    • Monitor designated in-season weight room training sessions.
  • Assist Head Coach with other duties as assigned.
When assuming the responsibilities of the Athletic Department Diversity Coordinator, any and/or all of the duties listed below are the responsibility of the position.
  • Work with the Athletic Director to be a diversity representative for athletics across campus.
    • Partner with DEI office on campus and be the liaison between athletics and DEI.
    • Report back to the Athletic staff the initiatives and activities happening across campus in terms of diversity, inclusion, and equality.
    • Share diversity and inclusion programming and development opportunities with the athletic staff, and their student-athletes.
    • Engagement with diverse stakeholders to promote inclusive engagement and belonging in the department.
  • Supplement the departments recruiting efforts in adding diversity to the recruiting pools and rosters.
    • Discuss strategies to help individual sports identify and recruit diverse student athletes.
    • Help develop a plan for outreach to recruits that support the University’s outreach.
    • Bring awareness to our athletic staff about the campus population, our athletic population, and how they match.
  • Provide leadership opportunities in matters related to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
    • Partner with the Athletic Director / DEI for opportunities for our student athletes and staff.
    • Facilitate student attendance at local, regional, and national conference related to equity in athletics
  • Assist the Athletic Director with other duties as assigned.
As part of the compensation package on campus housing and a meal plan will be provided. In order to receive this compensation, the following must be met:
  • Complete all residential life training programs
  • Attend weekly residential life staff meetings
  • Participate in the 6 week on call rotation
  • Participate in the opening and closing of on campus housing at the beginning and end of each term.
Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

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