Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Baruch College

School: Baruch College
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: Part-Time (with opportunity for additional campus employment)
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: CUNY

Position purpose:                    The assistant coach provides administrative, instructional, and recruiting support services under the direction of the Head Coach


Directly supervises:                 Student managers


Primary Responsibilities:

1.         Assist in the implementation of the sport training and instructional program under the direction of the head coach by providing sport skill instruction, assisting in the conduct of practice sessions, performing game-related duties, and motivating players to give their best efforts

2.         Recruit prospective student-athletes effectively as assigned by and under the direction of the head coach

3.         Serve as a liaison with academic support personnel in support of players’ academic efforts

4.         Serve as a liaison with athletic training and strength and conditioning staff in support of conditioning and rehabilitation of players

5.         Demonstrate a sincere interest in the personal and academic development, as well as athletic progress, of student-athletes

6.         Exhibit good writing and speaking abilities

7.         Exhibit supportive and cooperative behavior in pursuit of sport program goals set by the head coach

8.         Efficiently and effectively complete all assignments provided by the head coach

9.         Accept constructive criticism and demonstrate professional growth under the supervision of the head coach

10.      Exhibit good judgment and professional behavior in advising and counseling student-athletes  

11.      Conform to the highest standards of professional conduct regarding compliance with department and institutional policies and procedures and adherence to the rules and regulation of athletic governance organizations of which the institution is a member

12.      Contribute to the maintenance of good working relationships with all staff, student-athletes, and external constituents through (a) a positive and constructive approach to all tasks, (b) respect for the competencies of others, and (c) appropriate conflict resolution behavior


Education and Certification Requirements:

Required:             Bachelor’s degree in physical education or related area

Preferred:            Master’s degree in physical education or related area; coaching certification


Experience and Competency Requirements:


·         One to three years of experience as an assistant coach or head coach

·         Demonstrated sport knowledge



·         National or international competitive playing experience

·         Three to five years of experience as an assistant coach or head coach

Applicant Information:

Please send resume to Head Coach John Alesi at [email protected]

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