Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Christopher Newport University

School: Christopher Newport University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Coast-to- Coast
The Assistant Head Coach shares responsibility in all aspects of the program and works in collaboration with the Head Coach in establishing and maintaining a successful NCAA Division III men’s basketball program, providing specialized expertise and leadership to support the successful development of student-athletes both in the classroom and on the court.
Work Tasks
  1. Provides leadership and instruction in the personal and athletic development of student-athletes at Christopher Newport University; evaluates individual performances and provides leadership and instruction in areas of deficiency as needed.
  2. Works in collaboration with the Head Coach to plan, organize and strategize for the success of the CNU Men’s Basketball Program.
  3. Design developmental plans for athletes to increase skill and technique to foster individual growth and provide individual instruction to accomplish the desired performance outcomes.
  4. Develop and implement strategies to engage men’s basketball alumni and donors to support goals and objectives as defined by the Head Men’s basketball coach in collaboration with the Director of Athletics.
  5. Lead efforts in collaboration with the Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine staff to reduce athletically related injuries while increasing the physical preparedness of student-athletes.
  6. In collaboration with the Center for Academic Success, develop strategies that support each athlete’s academic goals and provide support to academic success staff, as necessary.
  7. Directs the collection and analysis of tactical and statistical data of opponents, including the oversight of assistant coaches, managers, and vendors in accomplishing this task. Works in collaboration with the Head Coach to design game plans and analyze the performance of the men’s basketball team.
  8. Counsels team members in academic, disciplinary, and personal matters.
  9. Represents the Head Coach as required at internal meetings and external functions. Utilizes independent judgment and renders decisions on a daily basis regarding the men’s basketball program in the absence of the head coach.
  10. Screens and evaluates athletic qualifications of prospective recruits; coordinates with University Undergraduate Admissions Office to establish academic eligibility and arranges meetings between prospects and the University. Coordinates campus tours for visiting prospective players. Assists with new student orientation activities.
  11. Develops specific annual recruiting and retention goals in collaboration with the Head Coach and works with a high degree of autonomy in order to achieve these goals.
  12. Screens, hires, and oversees student managers and volunteers to assist in daily tasks to improve the performance of the men’s basketball team.
  13. Compiles and assists in the analysis of game statistics for an assigned area of Christopher Newport University men’s basketball team performance. Facilitates any video exchange with opponents.
  14. In collaboration with the Head Coach, responsible for planning and administering a physical training program in accordance with NCAA regulations; develops team standards for strength and conditioning; develops personalized training programs for each member of the men’s basketball program. Oversees the implementation of these programs during the season in accordance with NCAA regulations.
  15. Develops and administers a comprehensive plan to monitor the health and well-being of men’s basketball student-athletes throughout the school year. Works directly with athletic trainers, counselors, and other medical professionals as necessary to provide holistic support to each member of the men’s basketball team in collaboration with the Head Coach.
  16. Studies, evaluates, and implements innovations in basketball strategy and equipment. Coordinates purchases of basketball-related equipment in collaboration with the head coach.
  17. Oversees the implementation of all team travel logistics in collaboration with the Head Coach.
  18. Promotes the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate athletics program to include adhering to all departmental policies and procedures, as well as the rules and regulations of the university and the NCAA. Responsible for safety rules and regulations regarding the use of equipment to reduce liability and to ensure NCAA compliance.
  19. Represents the Christopher Newport University Athletic Department in professional, civic, charity, and alumni events. Participates in professional associations.
  20. Performs public relations and marketing activities to promote the athletic program; performs community relations activities.
  21. Coordinates, attends, and participates in coach’s clinics in accordance with NCAA regulations.
  22. Develops and maintains very positive and professional customer service and/or relations within the office/department and with all constituencies including students, faculty, staff, guests, and employees. Demonstrates a positive and professional attitude and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Fully supports the “Student’s First” value at CNU and routinely goes the extra mile in providing service.
  23. This position is designated as a Campus Security Authority. A Campus Security Authority is required to immediately report any crime that is reported to them to the CNU Police. The CNU Police will then review, evaluate, and investigate the reported crime. Annual training is required by the Department of Education for faculty and staff designated as a Campus Security Authority.
  24. This position is designated as a “responsible employee” who has the authority to redress sexual violence, who has the duty to report incidents of sexual violence or other student misconduct, or who a student could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.
  25. Reviews and communicates safety issues to assure a safe and healthy workplace and a reduction in work-related absence.
  26. Follow workplace safety regulations and adhere to applicable standards, processes, and programs established for your position.
    · Report unsafe work conditions to your supervisor.
    · Immediately report work-related incidents to your supervisor and participate in accident investigation requests.
    · Promote a safe and healthy work environment by ensuring the implementation of safety regulations and applicable standards, processes, and programs established for employees under your supervision.
    · Ensure employees under your supervision are trained in safety standards and procedures for their positions.
    · Report work-related incidents within 24 hours according to the procedures established by the university, state and federal guidelines.
  27. Will serve as needed on campus committees and represent the department of athletics at university functions as designated by the Director of Athletics.
  28. Performs other duties as assigned.
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