Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Finlandia University

School: Finlandia University
Position: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III

As a team player within the athletics department, the Seasonal Assistant will assist the Head Coach in fostering student personal growth and development as well academic and athletic achievement.  The Seasonal Assistant will assist the Head Basketball Coach in recruitment and retention of qualified student-athletes, and the administration of a competitive NCAA Division III Basketball program while adhering to all NCAA and/or conference rules for the sport of Basketball. The Seasonal Assistant must demonstrate strong communication and organizational skills and must be able to work effectively with staff, faculty, and other members of Finlandia’s community and constituents of the Upper Peninsula.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree desired.
  2. Minimum of 3 years coaching or playing experience; preference will be given to coaches who have demonstrated coaching experience within an intercollegiate varsity Basketball program.
  3. Preference will be given to the candidate who has demonstrated a proven ability to recruit quality student-athletes who will fit the academic profile of Finlandia’s student body.
  4. Knowledge of, and experience working within NCAA rules and regulations.
  5. Strong interpersonal, management and communication skills.
  6. Strong work ethic, integrity and a positive attitude.
  7. Adaptable to a dynamic environment characteristic of an institution experiencing enrollment growth and program development.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the Head Basketball Coach to develop, structure, and implement a competitive intercollegiate Basketball program, striving for team athletic and academic achievement.
  2. Assist in recruitment and retention of specific student-athletes for the sport of Basketball at Finlandia University.
  3. Coach and be responsible for a position on the field and in position meetings.
  4. Collaborate with the athletic academic coordinator and university faculty to monitor academic progress of student athletes to ensure that athletic eligibility and academic standards are maintained.
  5. Provide leadership to ensure that athletes conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with university and athlete code of conduct.
  6. Assist to develop and promote camp/clinic programs designed for youth skill enhancement and community engagement.
  7. Assist the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator to develop, implement, and monitor conditioning and skills enhancement programs designed to improve student athletic ability and performance.
  8. Assist the Head Basketball Coach in the creation of weekly game plans that give our players and team the best opportunity to succeed against the opponent that we are facing.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics and Head Basketball Coach.
  10. Adhere to all NCAA Division III rules and future conference regulations governing collegiate athletics and the sport of Basketball.
  1. Demonstrate support for and engagement with Finlandia’s strategic vision to become more fully a whole learning community accompanying the whole student toward a whole life.
  2. Perform other duties as required.



Applicant Information:
To apply please send resume and cover letter to: 
Sam Casey
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Finlandia University 
601 Quincy St. 
Hancock, MI 49930 
Applications will be accepted until position is filled. 
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