Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – NC State

School: North Carolina State
Position: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: ACC
Serves as Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach for Division 1A Basketball team. Adheres to departmental policies and procedures, as well as rules and regulations of the University, the ACC and the NCAA. Assists with scouting and recruiting, to include on campus visits of prospective student-athletes.

  • Adheres to the NCAA and ACC governing policies and procedures. Attends compliance education meetings; demonstrates commitment to both the intent and spirit of applicable NCAA and ACC rules and regulations; demonstrates integrity and professionalism in applying guidelines to individual program.
  • Assists with the scouting and recruitment of student-athletes, to include assisting with on-campus visits of prospective student-athletes.
  • Assists in coaching and teaching skill-development in student-athletes. Instructs on team philosophy, physical health and safety.
  • Monitors the conditioning and training of student-athletes, in conjunction with the Strength Coach and the Athletic Training staff.
  • Attends coaches’ preparatory meetings. Develops and implements strategies resulting from these meetings.
  • Advises and counsels with student-athletes regarding their obligations to comply with all rules and regulations related to financial aid and eligibility, academic performance, as well as personal conduct and appearance.
  • Assists in monitoring the academic progress and eligibility status of student-athletes, to include both class and study hall attendance. Work to achieve academic standards for student athletes, maintaining a multi-year APR above 950. Demonstrate consistent commitment to the academic performance, retention and graduation of student athletes. Effectiveness of monitoring progress reports, progress toward degree, encouragement of participation in campus/athletic department leadership and activities, implements programs that involve community service, and encourages the pursuit of internships, jobs and volunteer work in academic area(s) of interest.
  • Assists in maintaining statistics.
  • Interfaces with officials.
  • Participates in public relations activities, as needed, to include granting interviews with newspaper, radio and television media, attending press conferences and making public appearances.
  • Assists with planning and coordinating approved fund raising activities, as assigned.
  • Assists with budget preparations. Operates within approved budget allocations.
  • Assists with the development of schedules for practice and competition, as assigned, to include interfacing with Departmental administrators and representatives of other schools and conference.
  • Assists with making necessary travel arrangements. Travels with the team and monitors the conduct of student-athletes.
  • Interfaces with Student Managers to insure that necessary athletic equipment is available for scheduled practices and competitive events.
  • Monitors the condition of equipment and requests repairs or replacement, as necessary.
  • Participates in clinics, exhibitions and camps.
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