Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Villanova University

School: Villanova University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: BIg East

Villanova University, a Division I institution and member of the Big East conference, has an immediate opening for a full-time assistant coach for men’s basketball. Responsibilities include assisting the Head Coach in all aspects of the program including, but not limited to on court coaching, scouting opponents, recruiting, game day administration, academic monitoring of student athletes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Student-Athlete Development:

  • Assist the Head Coach with directing and supervising all activities relative to the training and skill development of student-athletes in preparation for competition.

* Provide technical skill instruction to aid in the development of student-athletes at practices; conduct individual training sessions with student-athletes geared at skill development.

  • At the direction of the head coach, develop and execute practice plans that will prepare the team physically and mentally for competition.

* Assist in the preparation of team for games by contributing strategies and aiding in daily preparation of organized and effective practices.

  • Prepare scouting reports on opponents in preparation for competition.

* Monitor student-athletes academic progress ensuring student athletes meet eligibility standards and advance towards a degree.

  • Monitor and assist in the rehabilitation of injured student-athletes as directed by the Team Physicians and Sports Medicine staff.

* Coordinate with Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning staff to organize and monitor the physical conditioning of student-athletes.

Program Administrative and Fiscal Management:

  • Aid in the direction and planning an organized, competitive and fiscally sound program.

* Coordinate with athletic travel liaison to ensure proper team travel arrangements are established in advance of travel.

  • Coordinate with the DOBO and Equipment Manager to fill all uniform and equipment needs for the program.

* Coordinate the completion and submission of expense reports.

  • Responsible for the supervision and well-being of student-athletes while traveling for competition and/or training.

NCAA Compliance – Ensure program compliance with NCAA rules and regulations*:

  • Responsible for performing all duties within the framework of NCAA rules and regulations.

* Schedule the appropriate department members to meet with student-athletes regarding NCAA compliance education and completion of paperwork.

  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of all the necessary NCAA compliance forms (i.e. practice logs, recruiting folders, official visit forms, etc.) and coordinating with compliance officer to meet with team regarding NCAA compliance education and completion of paper work.

* Monitor academics amongst student athletes, ensuring student-athletes progress in degree advancement and meet NCAA eligibility and University standards.

  • Follow up on compliance issues and help guarantee minimum amount of issues.

Recruiting – Assist with managing the overall recruitment activities for the men’s basketball program*:

  • Evaluate talent and recruit prospective student-athletes who will be successful in the classroom and contribute positively to the men’s basketball program and the University community.

* Communicate via phone, emails and letters, and conduct home visits with prospective student-athletes and parents.

  • Plan and direct the scouting of prospective student-athletes including, but not limited to determining the recruiting events and competitions to attend and the prospective student-athletes to be evaluated.

* Conduct home visits with prospective student-athletes and parents.

  • Manage on-campus official and unofficial visits of prospective student-athletes per University and NCAA policies.

* In concert with the head coach, determine the scholarship allocation of the men’s basketball budget.

  • Manage all of the compliance details related to the recruitment, eligibility and enrollment of student-athletes.

* Coordinate the application process for prospective student-athletes for admissions and financial aid.

Academics, Service, Marketing, Public Relations, and Development:

  • Monitor academics amongst student-athletes ensuring student-athletes progress in degree advancement and meet eligibility standards.

* Assist in the development of fund-raising events for the program within the framework of the university and departmental guidelines.

  • Aid in marketing the program, the department, and the university to prospective student-athletes, alumni, and the community through positive interactions, results, and reputation.

* Reinforce the Villanova ideals of devotion to service by designing appropriate events for the team to give back to the community and serve others.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Qualified candidates will possess a Bachelor’s Degree, previous coaching experience at the Division I level, and knowledge of NCAA rules.

* Understanding of budget issues and funds management. Thorough knowledge of NCAA rules, requirements, and expectations of universities, programs, coaching staffs, and athletes. Extensive knowledge of Men’s Basketball.

  • Must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as the abilities to pay close attention to details, interact effectively and appropriately with student athletes, and evaluate prospects.

* Proficiency with personal computer applications.

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

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