Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach – Willamette University

School: Willamette University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Northwest Conference
*Position Coach/Recruiting Ambassador*
  • Recruiting and Camp Responsibilities

    • June 1 thru July 31

  • 2018-19 Season Responsibilities

    • Sept 1 thru March 31st



  • Position does not have everyday expected AM to PM hours in office designated

  • Position is expected to have necessary presence on campus/in Sparks/in Hoops Office to complete job assignment at a satisfactory level

  • Position is expected to be punctual and on time to all team practice/games/travel/recruiting assignments

  • Position in expected to be professional in appearance and manner when representing program and university at various recruiting events

  • Position is free to acquire outside employment and salary provided still able to meet expectations of the PCRA position


  • Recruiting Responsibilities

    • Continued Role in

      • LIVE EVALUATION of 2019s and 2020s

      • Program Representative at in person

        • Academic Showcases/Elite Camps

    • Continued Role in

      • Phone Contacts of all Tiers

    • Support HC and FTA  in execution of

      • HS/AAU Coach Maintenance Campaign

        • Create Calendar

        • Create Materials

        • Execute Contacts

    • Continued Role in

      • On Campus Visits

  • Camp Responsibilities

    • Camp responsibilities include, but are not limited to

      • Marketing of camp (as designated by HC and FTA)

        • With goal of GENERATING & INCREASING attendance per session and per year

      • Upper Age Group League Commissioner and on court coaching during Camp Weeks

      • Development of camp schedule/drill sheets/evaluation (in conjunction with FTA and HC)

  • Program On Court Responsibilities

    • Game Planning

      • In conjunction with staff, develop program identity and playing plan

        • Overall

        • Per week

        • Per opponent

      • In conjunction with staff, develop and carry out practice plans

        • Expectation to grow and improve in Talk to Reps Ratio

        • Expectation to grow and improve in Target Skills Reps Ratio

    • Scouting

      • Using LIVE evaluation and film work, create scouting report as needed

        • Per individuals faced

        • Per teams faced

    • In Game Duties

      • Execution of assigned in game tracking as designated by the HC

      • Expectation of professional attitude and treatment to players of both teams and officials throughout game

      • Aid HC in game via adjustments suggestions, etc

    • JV Program Duties

      • Coordination and Creation of Schedule

      • In coordination with FTA, creation and execution of practice plans

      • Transportation of team to and from road games

      • In Game Coach for Program

    • Player Development Duties

      • Creation/Execution of Hoops 101 Class sessions

      • Creation/Execution of First to Rise in the West sessions

      • Creation/Execution of HC designated practice segments each week

      • Creation/Execution of (in conjunction with FTA) indy skill workouts in season

  • Program Off Court Responsibilities

    • Character Development of Players

      • Fall Gameplan/Conduct Class

      • Participation and Teaching of Team Sessions of Character Development Plan (as designated by the HC)

    • Continued Input and Evaluation of Program Budget Process

  • 9 month position (Sept thru March/June thru July)
  • $6,000
  • No benefits
Applicant Information:

Send resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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