Basketball Strength Coach & Director of Athletic Performance – BC Prievidza Basketball Club (Slovakia)

School: BC Prievidza Basketball Club – Slovakia
Position: Strength Coach & Director of Athletic Performance
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: The term of the contract will be for 10 months, starting August 1 and ending June 1. The Club will provide 1 round trip air fare, housing, 2 meals a day and $700 per month after taxes.
Level: N/A

Develop and direct/coach speed, strength, agility, plyometric and conditioning programs for the BC Prievidza Basketball Club.

Instruct/coach athletes in proper nutrition programs.

Supervising and demonstrating lifting techniques as well as spotting athletes.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Bachelor’s Degree in Health, Education, Health & Human Performance or a related field or 3 years related experience.

Must obtain within 1 year of date of hire: C.S.C.S (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) or C.S.C.C. (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Strength and conditioning coach shall be certified and maintain current certification through a nationally accredited strength and conditioning certification program.

1. Develop and implement strength and conditioning training programs for BC Prievidza Basketball Club. with head coach.
2. Schedule strength and conditioning workouts in cooperation with the head coach.
3. Be present for all workouts with athletes.
4. Provide athletes with guidance and proper training techniques.
5. Maintain weight room and keep records of all equipment.
6. Update the Head Coach, Sport Director & General Manager on equipment needs and/or upgrades recommended.
7. Maintain up to date records on the strength program of the team and specific individual workouts for each athlete.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Knowledge of the general principles of strength (weight) training and physical conditioning.
2. Knowledge of specific training principles with regards to strength and conditioning exclusive to the different sports sponsored within the athletic department.
3. Ability to demonstrate basic techniques relative to performing exercises properly and safely.
4. Ability to create daily, monthly, and yearly workout plans for student-athletes in all sports sponsored within the athletic department.
5. Must possess communication skills necessary to disseminate program information to student-athletes and coaches both verbally and in writing.

This position does require the physical capability to lift weights (light, medium, and heavy) for the purpose of cleaning and arranging weight room workout areas. Also, requires the physical strength to be able to “spot” athletes while they are performing lifts in the weight rooms.


A bachelor’s degree required; master’s preferred, from a regionally accredited institution. A minimum of two years’ experience in the field of strength training required. CSCCa or NSCA Certification is required. A strong commitment to the student-athlete concept and a working knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations is required.

ABOUT BC Prievidza Basketball Club

BC Prievidza Basketball Club is located in Prievidza, Slovakia. The Club is a professional basketball club in the top division of the Slovakian league. The team is coached by American Head Coach Ryan Pannone. The club has played for 4 championships and won 2 in the last 5 seasons. It is one of the best clubs in the league. The team will have 5 American players, 1 Croatian player and 6 Slovakian Players

Applicant Information:

Please contact Head Coach Ryan Pannone at [email protected]

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