Director of Men’s Basketball Coaching Operations – University of Washington

School: University of Washington
Position: Director of Men's Basketball Coaching Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $7,917 - $8,750 per month
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: PAC-12

The Director of Coaching Operations (DCO) reports to the head coach for the University’s NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball program.

The DCO will use professionalism, expertise, and excellent communication skills to establish and build effective relationships with coaches, staff, student-athletes, inside and outside constituents.  This position will uphold the Department’s core values which include showing passionate pride, committed service, humility and grit in all areas of responsibility.

Direct regular meetings with the head coach and coaching staff to establish goals and objectives.  Observe practices, training, film, and competition, and provide consultation, strategic analysis, and recommendations to the coaching staff.  Review and provide analysis and expertise on coaching strategies in regards to opponents.  This position will have no direct coaching responsibilities with student-athletes or communication with athletes about basketball related activities or performance.

Provide recommendations or oversight related to meals, nutrition, training and conditioning to achieve optimal performance in coordination with applicable Athletics Department staff.

Attend head coaches meetings on behalf of, or in conjunction with, the head basketball coach.

Serve as the liaison to the ICA Compliance Office and assist in providing NCAA rules education for all of the basketball staff.

Serve as the liaison for Student Athlete Academic Services and assist in the tracking of current student-athlete academic progress and completion towards graduation.  Mentor potential graduate-manager candidates in their day-to-day responsibilities and oversee their academic progress while enrolled at UW.
Coordinate logistics and serve as liaison for on-campus visits, functions and communications.  Participate in on-campus recruiting visits in accordance with NCAA and Conference rules and guidelines.

Stay abreast on publications, articles or reports on strategic subject matter of special interest to the coaching staff.  Provide analysis, summaries or recommendations where applicable.

Compliance with the rules and regulations of the University, the NCAA, the Pac-12 Conference, the State of Washington and any other governing body is of paramount importance to the University.  The overall responsibility of this position is for the successful operation of the program in full compliance with all such rules and regulations.  As a condition of employment, the Employee shall be required to participate in rules education programs offered by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree, master’s preferred, in sports management or related fields and minimum 5 years of relevant experience at an NCAA Division I institution.  Proficient computer experience with common office software as well as recruiting software programs, while being comfortable with technological advances. Must be team-oriented, self-motivated and a hard worker with excellent communication skills and a positive attitude.  Proficiency with NCAA rules and experience working with confidential and sensitive information is critical.  Must be willing and able to work evenings and weekends.  Flexibility in scheduling vacation and other time off is a necessity as there are certain times of the year that are especially labor-intensive.

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

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