Director of Operations – Florida International University – Full-time

School: Florida International University
Position: Director of Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: The minimum starting salary is $ 34,300
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Sun Belt Conference

Florida International University, Athletics is seeking an Assistant Basketball Operations. Duties include:
•Edits game film into point of attack tapes, updates of FIU film library on a daily basis, assists the assistant coaches in gathering of high school film, provides daily updated film lists to the assistant coaches daily.
•Coordinates video operations for basketball practices and games (both home and away). •Edits all practice and game film & creates season highlights to design video used for recruiting purposes.
•Uses and maintains digital video editing equipment.
•Utilizes the digital video equipment responsible for allocation of video footage to position coaches on a daily basis.
•Implements and maintains basketball video library system for prospective student-athlete recruiting, basketball practices, games and future competitors.
•Acquires & distributes films on upcoming opponents.
•Supervises college work study students and interns regarding video operations.
•Conducts research on price comparison, cost analysis and secure the best possible price on video needs to utilize the basketball budget effectively.

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