Full-Time Basketball Intern – The Academy of Central Florida

School: The Academy of Central Florida
Position: Full-Time Basketball Intern
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: Prep School

The Academy of Central Florida in Orlando for the 2023-2024 school year as a Full-Time Basketball Intern.




  • Assist in Basketball Operations

  • Contribute to On-Court Coaching

  • Manage Video Recording and Exchange

  • Engage in Administrative Duties

  • Participate in Student-Athlete Recruitment

  • Handle Social Media (Instagram, Twitter)

  • Statistician for Game-by-Game Stats

  • Supervise Dorm Housing

  • Maintain quality in all assigned tasks




  • High School Diploma

  • Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree

  • Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Commitment to Public Service

  • Valid Driver’s License


What We Offer:


  • Hands-on Sports Industry Experience

  • Work with Top Amateur Athletes

  • Exposure to College Coaches and Professionals



This is your chance to enter the sports industry and gain exposure to college coaches of all levels. As a key team member, you’ll be involved in coaching, player development, recruitment, housing, and more.

Applicant Information:
To Apply:
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