George Washington University

School: George Washington University
Position: Assistant Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: Assistant Director of Basketball Operations
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: A-10

Performs other duties as assigned.
Responsible for creation, implementation, and evaluation of Life Skills course for men’s basketball student-athletes to promote achievement and acclimation to the demand and academic rigor of university study. Collaborate with members of the Academic Support Staff to ensure successful progression toward degree.
Assist in daily instruction and teaching of basketball skills, technique, and strategy of basketball.
Assist and lecture in the topics of mental preparation, concentration, and strategy for successful sport participation.
Assist strength and conditioning staff in the teaching of mechanics and program planning for the development of strength, conditioning, and agility development.
Serve as coordinator for international student-athlete recruitment. Create and monitor program that leverages the George Washington University’s unique position as an international university to recruit the top international academically and athletically talented student-athletes.
Responsible for teaching, tutoring, mentoring, advising, and coaching of approximately 15 varsity men’s basketball student-athletes. Serve as mentor and instructor for student-athletes for activities both in the classroom and in competition.

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