Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant – Eastern University

School: Eastern University
Position: Graduate Assistant
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: MAC

Eastern University (D3) is looking for a Graduate Assistant (2022-2023) – tuition reimbursement, campus meal plan, small stipend

The Graduate Assistant will be responsible for assisting in all day to day operations of the program specifically:

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Help coordinate schedules and daily operations
  • Help in film breakdown and scouting of opponents
  • Assist the Coaches with recruiting material
  • Logistical support of team operations related to travel
  • Help with film set up, practice setup & breakdown
  • Assisting with gameday operations and post game breakdown
  • Assisting coaches with workouts of players
  • Other duties as assigned
Applicant Information:

Send resume and cover letter to my email address ([email protected])

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