Graduate Assistant – Providence College – Full-time

School: Providence College
Position: Graduate Assistant
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 4200
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big East

Administrative Duties:
-Coordinate conference and non-conference film exchange
– Compile and submit In-Season and Out-of-Season Countable Hours
– Organize visiting team practice/shootaround times
– Schedule road practices/shootarounds
– Supervise team managers
– Maintain inventory of all equipment and gear
– Compile player and staff home and away game complimentary tickets
– Assist in organizing team meals
– Monitor study hall as needed
– Schedule community service opportunities for team
– Assist with on court practices and game day operations
– Assist in all practices
– Attend all games and practices (unless class interefers)
– Organize all home filming
– Coordinate filming on the road
Marginal Duties: – Assist with recrutiing coordination functions
– Assist with on campus visits
– Assist in mailings when needed
– Assist Coordinator of Basketball Operations in organizing camp

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