Graduate Manager – UAlbany

School: UAlbany
Position: Graduate Manager
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
It is the responsibility of the Graduate Manager to help lead a successful NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball program at the University at Albany. The athletic programs are the front porch of the institution and it is paramount that the Graduate Manager help operate his/her program in a manner that is representative of the University at Albany. Excellence shall be attained through athletic success, academic achievement, service learning, and leadership development. This individual will support the mission of the University and bring knowledge and passion for the game. Above all, this person will help guide young people spiritually, academically, and socially during their time as students on our campus.
The Graduate Manager shall perform all duties pertaining to his/her basketball program. Duties include but are not limited to:
  •  Assist in the planning and implementation of training sessions, practices and games: Responsible for working in coordination with and at the direction of the Head Coach to plan and execute individual and small group training sessions, daily practice plans, and game preparation.
  •   Promote the brand of the Athletic Department and the University at Albany: Should continually strive to enhance the image of the University at Albany Athletics Department and its programs through inter-personal contacts with parents, visitors, University faculty/staff, and community citizens. Additionally, must participate in Athletic Department and University sponsored events and initiatives;
  •  Service Learning: Responsible to assist Head Coach in the promotion and organization of service projects for his/her team in accordance with the staff policies;
  •  Create an atmosphere of compliance: Know, recognize, and comply with the laws, policies, rules, and regulations governing of the NCAA and the University at Albany Athletic Department. Supervise and ensure that any work-study and any other employees and/or volunteers for whom you are administratively responsible comply with the aforesaid policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Video Editing, Graphics, Photography, and Social Media: Working knowledge of content creating
  •  Time commitment:  Long hours, including evenings and weekends, will be required in this position.
The Head Coach is the Graduate Manager’s immediate supervisor in all matters with the University at Albany. In order to insure a highly competitive NCAA Division I athletics program, performance of these duties will be continually evaluated and monitored.
Bachelor’s degree in related field, acceptance into the University at Albany graduate program, and at least one year of experience within an athletics department is strongly preferred. Night and weekend hours required along with travel.
Applicant Information:

Send resume to [email protected] if interested

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