Graduate Manager – University of Akron

School: University of Akron
Position: Graduate Manager
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I

It is the responsibility of the Graduate Manager to help lead a successful NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball program at the University of Akron. The Graduate Manager shall perform all duties pertaining to his/her basketball program. Duties include but are not limited to:


Assist in the planning workouts, practices and games:

Work alongside the entire staff at the direction from the coaching staff.


Participation in on Court Drills:

Ability to rebound, pass, dribble, defend, screen, etc.


Atmosphere of Compliance with NCAA

Know, recognize, and comply with the laws, policies, rules, and regulations governing of the NCAA.


Video Work:



Time commitment:

Long hours, including evenings and weekends & travel will be required in this position.




Bachelor’s degree. One year of experience within an athletics department is strongly preferred.

Applicant Information:
Send resume and letter of interest to Jon Ekey  [email protected]


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