Head Basketball Coach – Wellington Basketball Club (Canadian Basketball League) – Full-time

School: Wellington Basketball Club
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: Canadian Basketball League (www.canadianbasketball.com)
Level: N/A

Wellington Basketball Club, located in Guelph, Ontario plays out of the University of Guelph’s brand new gymnasium on campus seating 2,400. The team practices at a private gym with 24-hour access. Players and coach are housed in town. Wellington is currently accepting applications for Men’s Basketball Head Coach to replace Interim Head Coach and League President, Butch Carter.

The Canadian Basketball League is a professional basketball league founded in Toronto Canada on July 30, 2014. CBL teams play by FIBA rules. (INTERNATIONAL BASKETBALL FEDERATION) CBL franchises play in Canadian basketball arenas with average seating capacity of 2000 Seats. Franchise teams are required to play in communities with a population base of over 300,000 people. The long-term goal of the Canadian Basketball League is to be a development league for younger players. With over 250 Canadian players not playing in Canada it is an ideal time to nationalize professional basketball similar to Europe (Euro League). The success of the Canadian Basketball League is directly related to Canadian content requirements in it’s bylaws and collective bargaining agreement.

Essential Duties Summary

Responsibilities: Organizes, directs, and administers the basketball program; coach athletes, and instructs them in the performance of the sport of basketball; supervises and is responsible for players on and off court; implements and maintains standards of athletic excellence; practice planning, game planning, scouting, understands and maintains knowledge of and commitment to comply with FIBA rules and regulations, and laws of Ontario, Canada; and performs other job-related duties.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and coaching experience. Equivalent experience may be substituted for coaching experience. Knowledge of FIBA rules and experience coaching professional basketball players ages 18-25.

Preferred Qualifications

Successful coaching experience at the high school, collegiate, and/or professional level. Significant experience with recruiting athletes that have been successful both on and off the court. Excellent communications and organizational skills. The team is currently in the middle of their season, which ends March 31st.

Applicant Information:

Applicant Information:

Please send cover letter, resume, and references to:

[email protected]

Serious inquiries only, potential prospects would be asked to move to Canada immediately for final 50 days of the season. Must have valid passport.

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