Head Coach – Edgewood College – Full-time

School: Edgewood College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 10K
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Northern Athletic Conference

This position reports directly to the Director of Athletics. The position is responsible for the direct oversight of the NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball Program. The position will also include additional administrative duties pending the hire’s experience and talents.
Athletics plays a large number of important roles in the life of the campus, including the following: enhancing the learning experience for student-athletes, creating opportunities for uniting the campus community, publicly demonstrating the College’s values and mission, and contributing to the achievement of the College’s enrollment goals. The position will be responsible for short and long term Basketball Program planning that supports the College’s Mission and Vision; oversight of the program budgets, sound knowledge of and strict adherence to NCAA, Northern Athletic Conference and institutional rules; recruiting of student-athletes; program fundraising; and cultivating positive relationships in the Department, with the student body, with the College’s faculty/staff, and with the Madison basketball community.

Link: http://www.edgewood.edu/Employment.aspx…
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