Head Coach – Edward Waters College – Full-time

School: Edward Waters College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 24-30k
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: GCAC/ NAIA

The Head Men’s Basketball Coach will develop all around student athletes here at Edward Waters College; to become productive citizens in our society and promote our school and the legacy of our great institution.
Characteristics of the Opportunity:
1. Report to the Athletic Director and Associate Athletic Director.
2. Must recruit student athletes.
3. Insure all student athletes understand the policy and procedures of the college and the regulations of the governing body of the NAIA and The Gulf Coast Athletic Conference.
4. Make sure at athletes know they are students first and academics are the most important part of being a student athlete.
5. Help student athletes with tutoring, study hall and professor-student relationship.
6. Becomes familiar with, remains current, supports, and ensures compliance with all College policies and procedures.
8. Possesses a Bachelors degree or Masters Degree preferred.
9. Demonstrates proficiency in our professional competency areas which are Business Mindset, Communication, Customer Focus, Drives for Results and Teamwork; able to pass pre and post employment assessments, mandatory criminal background, credentialing, and reference checks.

Link: http://www.ewc.edu/administration/human-resources/careers…
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