Head Coach – Hamline University – Full-time

School: Hamline University
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: Stipend/Salary range is $500 - $2,000.
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Head coaches report to the Athletic Director and are responsible for adhering to all department and league policies and procedures. All coaches are expected to enthusiastically support the mission of the University and that of the Athletic Department. Further, all coaches are expected to contribute to the overall atmosphere by establishing and maintaining positive, team-oriented working relationships within the department.
All coaches will model and teach the following core values:
• Integrity
• Respect
• Professionalism
All coaches will guide student-athletes in their pursuit of:
• Academic, athletic, and personal excellence
• Discipline, sportsmanship, and personal fulfillment
• Leadership as responsible members of the team, the University, and the larger community
Coaches will:
• Set an appropriate leadership example in all professional and personal activities
• Ensure compliance by team members with the Code of Conduct governing student athletes
• Maintain appropriate, professional office hours during the year
• Identify and actively recruit prospective student-athletes
• Maintain an office space suitable for hosting recruits
• Attend staff meetings
• Prepare and implement daily practice schedules
• Train and lead assistant coaches on a daily basis
• Develop a competitive game schedule
• Complete required travel paperwork
• Make team travel arrangements
• Be responsible for conduct of team (including assistant coaches and student-athletes) when travelling as official representatives of the University
• Prepare and submit all required pre-season and end-of-season forms to the SID, administrative assistant, facilities coordinator and athletic trainer (calendar of due dates will be provided yearly)
• Collaborate with assistant coaches and/or student managers on equipment needs and uniform assignments, as well as end-of-season collection and storage of uniforms and equipment.
• Secure contest officials, if necessary
• Plan and implement team banquets
• Attend the annual league coach’s meeting

All coaches will, in the prescribed time frames, collaborate with the athletic trainers on the following:
• Injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
• Practice and game day coverage
All coaches will, in the prescribed time frames, collaborate with our in-house NCAA Compliance Coordinator on the following:
• Review practice and game schedules prior to the start of each sport season
• Review medical records and submit hardship requests when appropriate
In conjunction with the Athletic Director, all coaches will, in the prescribed time frames:
• Attend weekly in-season meetings
• Take responsibility for the preparation and management of their program budget
• Conduct both short and long range planning for all facets of their respective program
• Hire PT assistant coaches (salary TBD by Athletic Director)
• Ensure that all athletes are eligible for participation
• Organize and execute in-season recognition ceremonies
• Hire student-employees for program; review and approve hours

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