Head Coach – Kankakee CC – Full-time

School: Kankakee CC
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $36,960 min - $49,896 mid - $62,832 max
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Region IV

A. Schedules and supervises the athletic academic success programs.

B. Monitors the success of athletes who are required to participate in academic programming.

C. Communicates with faculty to monitor academic success for all athletes required to participate in academic programs.

D. Works actively with the college’s media department to produce sports media guides in a timely fashion.

E. Assists with front desk coverage for the fitness center as needed.

F. Serves as a head coach for men’s basketball.

G. Teaches the academic course for physical education majors related to basketball.

H. Presents a comprehensive camp of instruction in basketball.

I. Maintains communications with and provides updates and feedback to the athletic director, relative to strategies and projects.

J. May instruct Health/Physical Education classes as needed.

K. Maintains records and prepares quarterly reports relative to the progress of the assigned programs. Maintains notes, files, reports, and records associated with the duties of the position.

L. Provides the direction in the gathering and dissemination of information on all athletic camps and leagues.

M. Serves as an evening administrator on a rotating basis with other college administrators.

N. Actively supports all fund-raising opportunities.

Link: http://www.kcc.edu/FacultyStaff/departments/hr/jobs/Pages/ad…
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