Head Coach – Kansas City Kansas Community College – Full-time

School: Kansas City Kansas Community College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $ 35,492.00
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: NIAC

Provide supervision and coaching in intercollegiate competition in the capacity of Head Coach in a sport.
Monitor the academic progress of team members, and arranges for appropriate guidance and/or assistance to contribute to the academic success of student athletes.
Recruit student athletes for the College teams with a focus on our service district area.
Explore fundraising opportunities for athletic scholarships.
Develop and arrange schedules for men’s basketball.
Teach skills and strategies to student athletes in practice, for use in intercollegiate competition.
Responsible for evaluating, developing schedules of work, monitoring of the assistant coaches or student employees or assigned athletic workers.
Assist with the supervision of the athletic facilities when used by outside groups as well as KCKCC groups.
Direct and control the maintenance of appropriate team conduct during competition, travel, practice, college events and at any other times when the team is representing the College.
Maintain and control equipment assigned for team use.
Scout opponents when appropriate.
Maintain appropriate records of individual and team statistics and records as required.
Works with the Director of Athletics to develop, monitor and maintain budget for program.
Coordinate with athletic staff to arrange for team travel arrangements within given parameters for budget and timing considerations.
Develop and maintain an informational relationship with external media representatives, and provide positive support for the College’s sports information efforts.
Maintain awareness of and ensure personal and team compliance with all relevant College, NJCAA and KJCCC rules.
May drive rental vans or vehicles to and from team activities, or arrange for qualified drivers, as appropriate. Must be able to meet and maintain College guidelines or insurance guidelines for driving rental vans or vehicles.
Attend staff meetings, conference and region meetings, games, contests or college events as assigned.
Teaching up to four hours per semester, if needed.
Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics.

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