Head Coach – Middlesex CC – Part-time

School: Middlesex CC
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: $10,926.00/Year
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: Region XIX

1. Teaches appropriate skills to the athletes.
2. Distributes and collects uniforms and other athletic material.
3. Recruits athletes and scouts opponents.
4. Participates in providing appropriate transportation for the athletic team.
5. Develops and implements game plans.
6. Evaluates team personnel.
7. Evaluates the season upon completion.
8. Conducts practice and training sessions.
9. Maintains appropriate records and statistics.
10. Performs other professional tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

Link: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/middlesexcc/default.cfm?act…
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