Head Coach – Washtenaw Community College – Part-time

School: Washtenaw Community College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Salary: $12.20/hr
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big East

Head coach for CLUB team.
The Basketball Coach is responsible for instructing and educating a men’s team on the game of basketball as well as teaching and demonstrating fundamentals of sports, sportsmanship, teamwork, and time management while communicating the importance of co-curricular learning.
Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
Conduct two tryout sessions and select a competition squad.
Plan for and conduct regular practice sessions.
Attend all competitions and practices. Maintain knowledge of game, rules, and skills necessary for the sport.
Advise team in sports rules, game strategies, and performance principles.
Concentrate on the improvement of players while still keeping participation fun for all students.
Determine the game line up and make changes as needed. Ensure all players that were chosen have the opportunity to play.
Instruct players during game play and conduct pre-game and post-game procedures
Communicate professionally with game officials.
Ensure players conduct themselves in accordance with WCC students’ rights and responsibilities and the Club Sports Handbook.
Provide basic first aid in the event of an emergency; always take measures to reduce the risk of injury during sporting events.
Responsible for maintaining college issued equipment.
Using the arena of sports, educate players about the value of discipline, time management, team work, and the value of academic success.
Related Duties:
In cooperation with the WCC Sports Office, communicate with players and spectators regarding schedules and changes. Coaches are to be liaisons between the team and the Club Sports Coordinator.
Refer questions or concerns to the Sports Office.
Provide the Sports Office with necessary player paperwork, including waivers.
Responsible for requesting, maintaining and distributing, as necessary, all game related reports to the Sports Office and other entities as required.
Return calls and answer student interest questions.
Report scores within 24 hours of a competition to the Sports Office.
May be asked to assist with recruitment that must be first approved by the Club Sports Coordinator.
Understand the guidelines presented in the Club Sports Handbook and follow them at all times.
Make sure facilities are left clean and organized after each use.
Assist with end of season re-cap.

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