Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Alfred State College

School: Alfred State College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: AMCC

The Head Coach is a full-time 11-month position responsible for leading all aspects of a NCAA Men’s Basketball program and competing within the Allegany Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC). This includes, but is not limited to, recruitment of prospective student-athletes, student-athlete development, competition preparation and strategy, supervision of assistant coaches, scheduling, alumni and public relations, fundraising, adherence to NCAA rules and regulations, and general administrative duties. The Head Coach and his/her program will be evaluated for competitive success, the extent to which coaches are providing a positive meaningful educational experience for student-athletes leading to their graduation and the extent to which the Head Coach has established a sport culture in which he/she is viewed by the student-athlete(s) as a mentor, educator, and role model. The Head Coach will also be responsible for supporting the philosophy, goals, and mission of both the college and its Athletic program as well as adherence to departmental, university, and NCAA policies and procedures.

Additional duties will include facility management and supervision including the oversight of the Orvis Activities Center including gymnasium scheduling. Furthermore, assistance with game management for fall and spring sports will also be required. This individual will also serve as a key member of the department of athletics and assist with events including Homecoming, Hall of Fame, Special Olympics, and End of Year athletic awards.

Recruiting: The Head Coach is responsible for the development of a comprehensive plan to identify, evaluate and recruit high quality student-athletes to Alfred State. This includes, but is not limited to, phone contacts, in-person evaluations, home visits and student-athlete visits to campus. The Head Coach is responsible, as per NCAA rules, to maintain accurate records of all recruitment activities for himself/herself and for his/her assistant coaches.

Team Preparation: The Head Coach is responsible for training, teaching, and conditioning student- athletes in preparation for all intercollegiate contests. The Head Coach will plan and supervise practices, prepare game strategies, and coach the team at contests. They will work closely with the Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Training staffs to develop a yearlong program of conditioning and injury prevention.

Student-Athlete Development: The Head Coach is responsible for creating an atmosphere and culture that reflects the missions of both the Athletic Department and the College. A positive student-athlete experience, both on and off the court is a number one priority of the coaching staff and administration. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring academic performance including graduation rates, study hall, and class attendance. Incumbent is also responsible for the behavior and appearance of student-athletes and managers under his/her direction while they are representing the institution.

Administrative Responsibilities: Head Coach will be responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks including, but not limited to, scheduling of practices and games, annual reports, recruiting logs, providing rosters and other paperwork to various offices for NCAA compliance issues, team travel plans, media guide development, and all any/all administrative requirements for any other duties as assigned. The Head Coach will also be responsible for other administrative tasks assigned by the Director of Athletics within the areas of facility management, strength and conditioning, or special events.

NCAA Rules Compliance: The Head Coach will be responsible for knowledge of, and adherence to NCAA rules and regulations pertaining to recruiting, eligibility, and general operation of the Men’s Basketball program.

Budget: The Head Coach will be responsible for administering a budget developed in collaboration with his/her sport supervisor, with final approval granted by the Director of Athletics. This includes, but is not limited to, working with the Equipment Manager to purchase and track inventory of equipment/uniforms, monitoring travel expenses of team and coaches and planning student-athlete scholarship awards to stay within budgeted/NCAA allocation. The Head Coach is responsible for reconciliation of expenditures for all team travel, recruiting expenses and other Men’s Basketball related expenses.

Supervise Staff: The Head Coach is responsible for the hiring, evaluation and supervision of assistant coach(es). The Head Coach provides mentoring, guidance and oversight of assistants in all aspects of administering and managing a NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball program.

Generation of Revenue: The Head Coach will be expected to participate in fundraising activities for both the general athletic program and the Men’s Basketball program. The Head Coach will formulate an annual fundraising plan to solicit/raise funds for the Men’s Basketball program account, that acts as a supplemental budget to the general program operating budget. This could include overseeing and operating a summer camp.

Community Services: The Head Coach will be expected to participate in community relation activities both as an individual and with student-athletes. This could include clinics, speaking engagements, and volunteer efforts with local organizations. The Head Coach will also be strongly encouraged to participate in campus activities to promote the Men’s Basketball program and the Department of Athletics.

Alumni Relations: The Head Coach will be expected to establish and maintain a good relationship with the Men’s Basketball alumni. The Head Coach will coordinate or assist as needed in various alumni activities and functions such as alumni games and events held on-campus and held in conjunction with away athletic contests.

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