Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Athletic Operations – State College of Florida

School: State College of Florida
Position: Head Men's Basketball Coach/Athletic Operations
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: $37,111 - $58,635
Organization: NJCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: FCSAA

SCF seeks employees looking to be a part of a culture of service excellence in the following position of Head Men’s Basketball Coach/Athletic Operations. This candidate is responsible for planning and administering all aspects of the basketball program. They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the program, the maintenance of an exemplary student-athlete concept, and the personal development of student-athletes both on and off the court, whose behavior reflects favorably upon the College community and the athletics program in particular. The Head Coach will follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the program and appropriate governing organizations. This position is also responsible for the overall support of Athletic daily operations.

1. Develops knowledge of and abides by current NJCAA, FCSAA, conference, and College rules and regulations regarding recruiting, eligibility and sport-specific rules concerning practice and playing seasons.

2. Develops and manages a recruiting plan. Corresponds with high school coaches, contacts prospective student-athletes, evaluates talent and meets with prospective students. Corresponds with four-year coaches and professional scouts to recruit student-athletes out of the program.

3. Maintains knowledge of current sport game rules and changes to those rules as they occur.

4. Teaches sports techniques, game rules, strategies, and game tactics.

5. Plans, supervises, and conducts practices and conditions student-athletes appropriately to prepare for competition.

6. Develops strategies to motivate maximum individual and team athletic performance.

7. Subscribes and adheres to the NJCAA Coaches Code of Conduct. Ensures assistant coaches and student athletes demonstrate sportsmanship and citizenship while abiding by the State College of Florida, FCSAA, and NJCAA Code of Conduct.

8. Provides for weekly monitoring of basketball players living in off-campus housing sanctioned by the College to ensure student-athletes abide by rules and regulations.

9. Assumes supervisory control over all phases of team participation. Applies discipline in a firm and consistent manner in accordance with college policies and procedures. Conducts oneself in an ethical manner during practices and contests and demands appropriate behavior from all team personnel.

10. Monitors academic progress and eligibility status for basketball student-athletes. Takes proactive measures to support academic success.

11. Collaborates with the Director on basketball budget development and ensures the program remains within the budgetary guidelines.

12. Works with appropriate College personnel to communicate the accomplishments and endeavors of the team, both individuals and as a whole.

13. Attends all basketball games. Travels with team to all away games. Drives team vehicle to away games, as required.

14. Provides oversight and audit procedures of all aspects of athletic supply chain management specific to athletic materials and supplies associated with teams and venues. Acts in the capacity of purchasing agent for athletic uniforms, materials, and supplies. Researches, develops, and maintains relationships with athletic-related vendors; representing and serving as the Athletic department’s lead contact with these companies/individuals.

15. Coordinates, records, and supervises all head coach/teams requests for purchase of athletic equipment/supplies, acquisitions or rentals in support of any off-campus housing sanctioned by the College for student athletes.

16. Assists with maintenance, preparation, move-in, and move-out of off-campus housing sanctioned by the College for student athletes.

17. Develops and organizes public safety, crime prevention, and personal safety
seminars/workshops specifically for all student athletes living in off-campus housing sanctioned by the College.

18. Supervises, in collaboration with all team coaching staff, student team managers as related to availability and maintenance of team practice and game uniforms, equipment, supplies, and game day preparations.

19. Coordinates all aspects of game day event operations (scoreboard, concessions, admissions, benches, nets, webcasting, statistics, etc.) and supervision, scheduling, and hiring of personnel (scorekeepers, scoreboard operators, concessions, and student events scheduled in the gymnasium or on outdoor athletic facilities.

20. Takes photographs and assists with webcasting and statistical operations of home events, as needed.

21. Manages game day social media and facilitates website game score updates.

22. Coordinates communication with College community through electronic and print medium.

23. Participates in department wide fundraising activities.

24. Assists the Director in preparing eligibility documentation. Completes all required departmental, conference, and NJCAA paperwork in a timely fashion and as requested.

25. Serves on various division and college-wide committees and advisory boards as assigned.

26. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

~ A baccalaureate degree from a regionally, accredited institution of higher education and Coaching and/or playing experience at the college level; or equivalent combination of education and Coaching and/or playing experience.

~ Two years of leadership experience

Preferred Qualifications

~ Experience in athletic administration, recruitment/promotions and/or operations

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for official job posting and application information.

Link: https://employment.scf.edu/postings/2357
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