Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Cabrini University

School: Cabrini University
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III

The Head Coach is responsible for the organization and administration of all aspects of the sport coached with significant responsibilities in areas including staff supervision, teaching and implementing skills and strategy, recruiting, budget development, scheduling, purchasing, facility maintenance, public relations and implementation of NCAA, conference and institutional policy and regulations.


  • Be individually responsible for the organization and operation of said sport.
  • Develop and implement coaching strategies and establish expectations that facilitate the achievement of the student-athlete learning outcomes in the areas such as: teamwork, time management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, leadership and personal/professional networking.
  • Teaching athletic skills and team concepts as well as implementing skills and strategy in competitive situations.
  • Ensure that all actions of coaches and student-athletes of said team are performed with the appropriate level of instruction, safety precautions and training and the physical well-being of everyone is taken into account in all that is done as a member of the program.
  • Cooperate with the Office of the Director of Athletics & Recreation in developing a game schedule for each year.
  • Provide leadership in establishing, regulating, publicizing and enforcing all team regulations regarding personal conduct.
  • Ensure that the policies, procedures and regulations of organizations to which the University belongs including the NCAA, ECAC and AEC are adhered to. The head coach shall also assume responsibility for maintaining a working knowledge of pertinent standards established by these organizations.
  • Developing and implementing a successful program for student-athlete recruitment.
  • Cooperate with the Athletics Communication Director in compiling and submitting to the media and other offices statistics and award nominations as are required or appropriate.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all supplies and equipment used in said sport. Following the final intercollegiate contest a detailed inventory should be developed and submitted to the Office of the Director of Athletics & Recreation.
  • Be responsible for the care of all athletic equipment and uniforms used in said sport.
  • Cooperate with the Director of Athletics & Recreation in developing the budget for said sport.
  • Develop a relationship with the program’s alumni through: alumni games/events, infom1ational mailings, e-mail updates and/or personal interaction with the alumni of said sport with the hope of building a strong and supportive alumni network.
  • Foster existing and establish new relationships in conjunction with the Director of Athletics Development and the Office of Institutional Advancement with alumni, friends, parents and/or the community with the hopes to develop friend-raising and/or fund-raising opportunities for the program and the University.
  • Ensure that student-athletes have completed all required eligibility forms, etc. prior to participating. In addition, the head coach shall keep the Office of the Director of Athletics & Recreation notified of all changes in the team roster.
  • Draw and manage all funds needed for travel and supplies through the Office of the Director of Athletics & Recreation.
  • Upon return from each intercollegiate athletic trip, the head coach will be responsible for providing a financial accounting to the Director of Athletics & Recreation within two days of the contest.
  • Cooperate with the athletic trainer and other university health personnel in the care and prevention of injury. The head coach will also cooperate with the athletic trainer’s office concerning all injuries requiring attention by a physician.
  • Be responsible for the distribution and completion of all student-athlete “Class Release Forms.”
  • Following the final intercollegiate contest of the season, develop a list of varsity award recipients. In addition, the head coach shall develop a written review of the season including team roster, season record with game by game scores, individual and team all-time records established and a narrative summary of season highlights.
  • Provide direct supervision for all assistant coaches.
  • Ensure that personal conduct of the coaching staff, as well as that of student­ athletes, is in keeping with the policies of the NCAA, ECAC and the AEC. In addition, such conduct must at all times present an appropriate image to the University, visiting teams and the community.
  • Cooperate in the delivery of a program of social and educational support for student- athletes.
  • All other duties as assigned and therefore deemed necessary and appropriate by the Director of Athletics & Recreation or his/her representative, which include: Serving as OSS for some game days.
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