Head Men’s Basketball Coach – IU Indianapolis (formerly IUPUI)

School: IU Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Position: Head Men's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Horizon League

The mission of intercollegiate athletics at IU Indianapolis is to provide athletics programs that contribute in an effective and meaningful manner to the achievement of the broader goals of the university. The athletics programs should aspire to enhance the total educational experience of students, promote the matriculation and retention of students, advance the reputation of IU Indianapolis, and cultivate pride, spirit, loyalty and support of students, alumni, and the community at large.

The specific goals of intercollegiate athletics include:

  • To assist the campus in student recruitment directly and indirectly.
  • To help in promoting the image and identity of the campus within the university and into the community.
  • To provide access to higher education through athletics scholarships for students who otherwise might not be able to afford it.
  • To facilitate the integration of the intercollegiate athletics department and student-athletes into the university community.
  • To play each sport at a competitive level.
  • To maintain well rounded, balanced programs that ensure gender and racial equity and that respond to student interests.
  • To comply fully with governing athletics associations.
  • To operate fiscally sound and prudent athletics programs.
  • To maintain programs that serve as models for leadership, on which the university community and the state of Indiana may look with pride.
  • To emphasize that academics are the priority of the student-athlete¿s college experience and ensure that all student-athlete progress each year toward graduation, culminating with the awarding of a bachelor¿s degree.
  • To provide excellence in learning experiences for student-athletes, including leadership, team building, and community service, and to provide laboratory experiences for student athletics trainers, managers, and others.
  • To provide, through partnerships, role models and mentors for other students and young people in the community who might not otherwise aspire to attend a college or university.
  • To help create understanding of the campus mission through inter-institutional competition with urban universities.
  • To serve as a rallying point for involving alumni and the community with the campus.

Job Summary

The Head Coach is responsible for managing all aspects of the IU Indianapolis’ Men’s Basketball program.

Department-Specific Responsibilities

  • Works closely with the Director of Athletics in the overall leadership of an NCAA Division I program.
  • Assists in planning, developing, implementing, communicating, and administering the goals of this position in order to help fulfill University and Department objectives.
  • Exhibits behavior that enhances the respect for student-athletes, the athletics program, the University, and yourself in the conduct of your professional responsibilities.
  • Assists in the direction and control of athletics in accordance with NCAA, Horizon, and University rules and regulations.
  • Directs and coordinates the planning, organizing, and coaching of the IU Indianapolis men’s basketball team.
  • Provides leadership and instruction in the personal and athletic development of student-athletes at IU Indianapolis.
  • Directs and coordinates the activities of the basketball staff to include planning, organizing and coaching of the men’s basketball team; ensures compliance with College, Horizon League and NCAA policies and regulations.
  • Directs the basketball staff in preparation and analyses of opponent teams; analyzes game statistics tactical data of opponents and prepare game plans accordingly.
  • Counsels team members in academic, disciplinary, and personal matters; consults with College administration and faculty for resolution of problems as required.
  • Assigns and supervises the basketball staff in the recruitment of new players; determines recipients of basketball scholarships.
  • Determines fiscal requirements and prepare budgetary recommendations; monitors, verifies and reconciles expenditures of budgeted funds.
  • Directs various personnel functions including, but not limited to, hiring, performance appraisals, promotions, transfers, and vacation schedules.
  • Studies, evaluates, and implements innovations in basketball strategy and equipment.
  • Works closely with Sports Medicine for the care and prevention of athletic injuries and support the overall drug and alcohol education program for student-athletes.
  • Represents IU Indianapolis Department of Athletics in professional, civic, charity and alumni events.
  • Performs other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

General Responsibilities

  • Complies fully with all NCAA, Big Ten (or other conference) and Indiana University rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  • Provides leadership and instruction in the personal and athletic development of student athletes by counseling team members in academic, disciplinary, sportsmanship, and personal matters, as appropriate.
  • Develops a competitively successful team to represent Indiana University positively and responsibly. Provides student athletes the opportunity for a positive experience and climate in which to achieve their academic, athletic, and personal goals.
  • Performs recruiting duties by formulating a plan to incorporate coverage of all prospective student athletes on a national level and recruiting high-quality student-athletes that meet or exceed university qualifications.
  • Represents the team, department, and university in a positive, professional and ethical manner; responds appropriately to media, marketing, fund-raising and community service requests, as assigned. Exhibits professionalism in a manner consistent with the missions and goals of Indiana University, the Big Ten Conference, and the NCAA.
  • Directs coaching staff.
  • Maintains program budget.




  • Bachelor’s degree.



  • 5 years of coaching experience.


  • 5 years of head and/or assistant collegiate coaching experience.
  • Extensive successful coaching experience at the collegiate level (preferably at the Division I level).
  • Staff managerial experience.
  • Budget management experience.
  • Development experience.
  • Extensive successful recruiting experience (preferably with athletic scholarships).



  • Proficient communication skills.
  • Maintains a high degree of professionalism.
  • Demonstrated time management and priority setting skills.
  • Demonstrates a high commitment to quality.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Excellent collaboration and team building skills.
  • Effectively coaches and delivers constructive feedback.
  • Instills commitment to organizational goals.
  • Demonstrates excellent judgment and decision making skills.
  • Effective conflict management skills.
  • Builds and manages effective teams.
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Ability to represent the company with external constituents.
  • Ability to drive multiple projects to successful completion.


  • Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrated player development skills.
  • Ability to bring a culture of discipline and values success in the classroom, the community and on the court.
  • Ability to motivate and connect with a diverse population.
  • Proven success in team and relationship building.
  • Ability to recruit high class student-athletes who will demonstrate the values and ethics of IU Indianapolis.
  • Ability to  build relationships with student-athletes that transcend the basketball court and will last a lifetime.
  • Demonstrates leadership that will develop student-athletes beyond basketball.
  • Commitment to making IU Indianapolis basketball a sustainable winning program.
  • Commitment to, knowledge of, and strategic planning relative to NIL and the transfer portal.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated respect for compliance with NCAA rules.
  • Demonstrated leader within the department and community.
  • Possesses CEO mindset and understanding of the value of organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the value of men’s basketball in the department and willingness to collaborate and help build all teams at IU Indianapolis.
  • Ability to engage in the community with willingness to work to rebuild and energize the fan base.
  • Ability to partner with the Athletic Director in working with the community and growing donors and sponsors.
Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

Link: https://hrms.indiana.edu/psc/PH1PRD_PUB/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL.HR
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