Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Kennedy King College

School: Kennedy King College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: JUCO

Kennedy King College is seeking a part time Head Coach for the Men’s Basketball Team for the 2023/2024 season. This position oversees an intercollegiate athletic team and provides leadership in the development and evaluation of the team and individual student-athletes. You will also be able to provide dynamic, strategic and visionary leadership designed to enhance student success through the focus on an “Academics-first Agenda.”


  • Recruits student-athletes for participation in intercollegiate athletics. Cooperates with the academic advisers to support the academic progress of the student-athlete.
  • Implements the District wide Athletic Department strategy focused on an “Academics-first Agenda” designed to increase student-athlete success and assists the campus Athletic Director in monitoring student athlete academic progress. Ensures that athletes reach their academic goals by monitoring class attendance and ensuring that they receive academic support as necessary.
  • Assists players in reaching highest athletic potential possible through athletic training and leadership skills. Recruits, counsels and advises students with respect to athletic performance and other personal development issues. Prepares the student athletes for competition through planning and conducting well organized practices and contests.
  • Directs the identification and recruitment of new players to the program, including traveling to regional high school and club basketball events and showcases.
  • Enforces and maintains an athletic program policy of educating and graduating student athletes. Works closely with the Athletic Director and Dean of Students, and other school administrators, faculty and staff to assure student athletes are academically eligible for a given sport.
  • Plans and directs the training of student athletes, and assesses individuals’ abilities and skill level to determine appropriate team position. Conducts in-season and off-season team practice and conditioning programs including skills training and weight and conditioning training.
  • Assists in assuring compliance with National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) rules and regulations for the specific sport. Closely monitors academic, conduct and physical requirements for each student athlete. In collaboration with the campus Athletic Director, completes and maintains records and statistics for accurate, mandatory reporting to the NJCAA and regional regulatory agencies.
  • In collaboration with the campus level Athletic Director, prepares and manages the budget for a specific sport.
  • Confers with the District Office of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Campus Athletic Director prior to conducting auxiliary fundraising activities.
  • In coordination with the District Office of Intercollegiate Athletics, campus level Athletic Director and Dean of Student Services, recruits, interviews and recommends the hiring and termination of Assistant Coaches.
  • In collaboration with the District Office of Intercollegiate Athletics and campus level Athletic Director develops and builds relationships with four year institutions.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of meaningful professional development activities designed to enhance the skills of all Athletic Department personnel.
  • Enforces the District/college’s academic, student and athletic code of conduct. Supervises the student athletes during practice, contests, and travel. May drive college vehicles or college leased vehicles to and from scheduled contests.
  • Calls, texts or emails results of contests to the Sports Information Assistant by 10:00 AM the next business day, and supplies information to the Director of Athletics that can be used for publicity purposes.
  • In cooperation with the campus Athletic Director and Facilities Coordinator, schedules pre-season, season and other games and tournaments. Trains, practices and coaches in league, conference and tournament play.
  • Coordinates the care and reporting of incidents and injuries to the appropriate College and District personnel.
  • Prepares a season summary and ensures student honors within conference, region, and other athletic governing bodies are recommended and advocated.
Applicant Information:

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