Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Palo Verde College

School: Palo Verde College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Part-time
Organization: CCCAA

Under the direction of the Vice President of Instructional and Student Services, for the adjunct instructor portion of this job; and under the direction of the Director of Athletics for the coaching aspect of this job. The Adjunct Instructor shall be responsible for maintaining and updating curriculum relevant to the assigned instructional area. This position could involve assignments during day, evening weekends, and high-quality correspondence education modality In addition, the Head Coach provides leadership, direction and oversees all coaching for the associated sport for which they are qualified to teach operating under the California Community College Athletic Association. Must support the student-athletic concept and demonstrate concern for the health, safety, and welfare of each student-athletes academic progress.

Examples of Duties

1. Provides instruction in all areas of the approved discipline.
2. Prepares, evaluates, and revises courses and course materials.
3. Maintain organized sets of course and student records.
4. Enforce the rules and regulations of the college.
5. Utilize approved textbooks and following the course objectives, course content, and evaluation standards as listed in the course outline.
6. Maintain the scheduled days and class hours as listed in the class schedule.
7. Maintain accurate grade and census records for each student on the class record sheets provided and submit them to the record office, as an official record, by the deadline established for these records by the Registrar.
8. Give final exams in each class according to the official schedule of days, times, and locations unless permission has been received from the Vice President of Instructional and Student Services.
9. Notify the Instructional Services Department promptly whenever regularly assigned duties cannot be performed.
10. Attend part-time faculty meetings, when requested to do so. (Part-Time faculty are welcome to all regular faculty meetings, check contract for compensation requirement.)
11. Return all keys at the end of each semester to the Administrative Services Department.
12. Keep current in one’s academic field(s).
13. Work collegially with full-time faculty and staff.
14. Hear and understand speech at normal levels.
15. Speak so others will be able to clearly understand normal in person conversations.
16. See for the purpose of reading laws and codes, rules and policies, and other printed matter.

1. Head Coach supervise the assigned sport team during practice and games.
2. Provide the organization, direction, and administration of the assigned sports program including recruiting of participants from diverse student groups.
3. Travel to contests: be responsible for driving the student-athletes to contests; monitoring staff and student-athletes and ensuring the safety and welfare of all constituents.
4. Plan organize, direct, and assess the activities, services and operations of an athletic program in keeping with high standards for performance and ethics; allocate resources to optimize department efficiency and effectiveness.
5. Set annual goals to ensure athletic program is consistent with institutional priorities; maintain communication with other departments to promote the integration of athletics into the broader educational mission of the District.
6. Ensure compliance with CCCAA, college, District, conference, local, state and federal guidelines as they relate to Palo Verde College Athletic Department.
7. Disseminate information on and implement rules and guidelines for specific sport; compile, interpret, and disseminate information pertaining to NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA transfer requirements.
8. Coordinate athletic fundraising, marketing and public relations in compliance with the Commission on Athletics (COA) and Palo Verde College policies.
9. Maintain active involvement with student activities, sports promotion and Athletic Department.
10. Be actively involved with booster club, and attend all booster events.
11. Work closely with Counseling Department and faculty in order to monitor academic progress of student-athletes and actively assist students in the four-year transfer program. 12. Attend coaches (Conference, SoCal, and State), athletics and faculty meetings.
13. Represent Palo Verde College in a professional manner.
14. Present a positive image to the student-athletes and the campus community by maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct and ethics. 15. Report accurate and timely stats to CCCAA, and media.
16. Lead the recruiting process in compliance with CCCAA regulations to identify and attract student-athletes.
17. Recruit and maintain a roster of 12-15 student-athletes. The Head Coach will adhere to the recruiting rules established by the CCCAA especially in recruiting out-of-area athletes.
18. Scheduling all contests within the guidelines established by the department, CCCAA and the conference.
19. Plan, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate practices, games and related activities giving attention to each player’s mental and physical well-being.
20. Attending all practices, trips and scheduled competitions including evenings and weekends. Head coaches must travel with their teams unless unusual circumstances arise and this must be cleared with the Director of Athletics.
21. Practices/Games/Travel: Head Coaches are responsible for their team rules and informing students of behavioral expectations and consequences during practices, games, and travel. – Coaches are expected to report behavioral problems to the Athletic Director. 22. Prepare the staff and each team member for competition. The Head Coach will maintain self-control, provide a model of sportsmanlike conduct in relation to players, officials, staff, spectators and the opponents, in accordance with conference and CCCAA guidelines and rules.
23. Maintaining adequate records, statistics, scores, etc. of game results and student athletes’ participation records and accomplishments. In addition, the Head Coach will promote the student-athlete’s accomplishments when appropriate for awards and recognition.
24. Providing an end-of-season archival report to the Director of Athletics at the conclusion of each competitive season.
25. Contacting and communicating with athletes during the off-season as appropriate
26. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Educational/Experience Qualifications

1. Candidates must possess the minimum qualifications for the discipline as approved by the California Community College Board of Governors and defined in the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges handbook.
2. Master’s degree is a minimum requirement for academic area of instruction.
3. In areas where a master’s degree is not generally available or expected, a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Physical Education, Exercise Science, Education with an emphasis in Physical Education, Physiology of Exercise, or Adaptive Physical Education AND with 2 years professional experience OR associate’s degree and six years of professional experience OR the equivalent.
4. Demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Please Note: Generally, a master’s degree is a minimum requirement for academic areas of instruction. In areas where a master’s degree is not generally available or expected, the minimum qualifications are any bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience, or any associate degree and six years of professional experience.

Applicant Information:

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Link: https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/paloverde/jobs/4450336/mens-basketb
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