Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Rock Valley College

School: Rock Valley College
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NJCAA

Assist the Athletic Director with all phases of the overall athletic program. As part of this position, the Sports Coordinator will coach one major sport each academic year and will be assigned various other duties within the athletic program throughout the academic year.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Additional related duties may be assigned.


Sports Coordinator/Coach Essential Duties in concert with the Athletic Director:


  1. Attend all Athletic Program meetings.
  2. Provide significant leadership and direction for the overall athletic program.
  3. Meet with incoming student athletes to set up registration, schedules, and route to graduate.
  4. Meet with each student athlete per semester to review schedules and route to graduate.
  5. Coordinate struggling student athletes in tutor location, writing center, and other campus resource assistance.
  6. Tutor student athletes in various disciplines.
  7. Assist student athletes in the role of student professor liaison.
  8. Coordinate academic progress card reports.
  9. Coordinate student athlete academic counseling.
  10. Coordinate the athletic team’s study halls as per the Athletic Strategic Plan.
  11. Coordinate camps, clinics, and sport related events on an annual basis.
  12. Coordinate social media content for all sports programs, including: pictures, graphics, updates, relevant news articles and general publications.
  13. Coordinate transfer activities of student athletes.
  14. Coordinate with internal RVC agencies in the gathering and reporting of the data management requirements outlined by the Athletic Strategic Plan.
  15. Coordinate the maintenance and inventory of athletic equipment for all teams.
  16. Coordinate the development, implementation, and evaluation of all support services for student athletes within and outside the athletic department to include: academic advising, orientation and recruitment days, retention strategies, and the Athletic Strategic Plan mandates.
  17. Help coordinate the ongoing development and maintenance of the Athletic Task Force initiatives.
  18. Assist in the coordination of all public relations, fundraising, marketing, and community involvement projects.
  19. Assist in the selection, hiring, and supervision of personnel within the athletic program.
  20. Assist in game day management and supervision when not coaching.
  21. Assist in the development and distribution of any printed material within the athletic department.
  22. Oversee the coordination, preparation, distribution, recording, and filing of all intercollegiate sports contracts.
  23. Work in concert with the College’s Athletic Task Force.
  24. When asked, attend any professional organization meetings assigned by the Athletic Director.
  25. Teach classes in core academics or continuing education as assigned.
  26. Provide Fitness Lab Coverage
  27. Regular attendance is expected.
  28. Use tact and courtesy to establish and maintain professional working relationships.


Head Coach Essential Duties


  1. Coordinate scheduling and management of team contests, official practices, travel arrangements, and facilities utilization.
  2. Evaluate assistant coaching staff as assigned.
  3. Coordinate, track, and implement a recruitment plan to meet the initiatives of the Athletic Strategic Plan as to in-district and out-of-district, and out-of-state ratios.
  4. Organize and run practice sessions.
  5. Coach games and contests.
  6. Supervision of student athletes during practice, contests, and travel.
  7. Select, order, and inventory equipment within budget constraints and supervise return of said equipment at the completion of the season.
  8. Recruit and document student athletes within the established guidelines of the Athletic Strategic Plan.
  9. Support the RVC Booster Club by attending meetings, participating in fundraising activities, and membership drives.
  10. Facilitate the maintenance and management of information and records as mandated by the Athletic Strategic Plan.
  11. Participate in committee activities assigned by the Athletic Director.
  12. Maintain positive communication with all members of the athletic department, RVC faculty and staff, and news media.
  13. Distribute and enforce adherence to the RVC and NJCAA Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.
  14. Monitor and report eligibility and academic progress required by the Athletic Strategic Plan for student-athletes.
  15. Attend and participate in professional development germane to your sport and/or position.
  16. Comply with all Region and NJCAA rules.
  17. Support the academic initiatives and philosophies of RVC, the athletic department, and the Athletic Strategic Plan.
  18. Call in contest results to area news media as well as the RVC Sports Information Director.
  19. Complete and submit injury report forms to the appropriate person immediately following the injury.
  20. Attend all mandatory coaches’ meetings.
  21. Attend all coaches’ meetings as scheduled by the Region and NJCAA.
  22. Prepare and submit a season summary to the Athletic Director containing the following:
    1. Names of individuals receiving awards
    2. Complete list of contest results
    3. List of special award winners
    4. MVP records of the sport
    5. Conference and NJCAA standings
    6. Season statistics
    7. Other pertinent data as needed
  23. Regular attendance is expected.
  24. Use tact and courtesy to establish and maintain professional working relationships.
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