Head Men’s Basketball Coach – Saint Vincent College

School: Saint Vincent College
Position: Head Men's Basketball Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III
Conference: PAC

The Athletic Department at Saint Vincent College seeks applications for a full-time Head Coach, Men’s Basketball.  This position would be responsible for coaching according to the rules and policies of Saint Vincent College and the NCAA.


EDUCATION: A baccalaureate degree is preferred.
EXPERIENCE: Prior playing experience or prior coaching experience.


  1. Assists in promoting the intercollegiate programs of the College.  Is thoroughly familiar with eligibility rules and abides by them.  Promotes a high standard of athletics based upon the athletic and academic philosophy of Saint Vincent College and the NCAA.
  2. Is responsible for year-round recruiting and scouting.
  3. Assists in preparing budgets and controlling expenditures.  Assists in assuring maximum utilization of funds.
  4. Assists in providing supervision of Athletic Department facilities.
  5. Assists in providing supervision to secure and maintain athletic equipment.
  6. Assists in “game-day” management.
  7. Is responsible for overseeing player academic progress.
  8. Assist in overall marketing for the Men’s Basketball program.
  9. Assists in fundraising for the Men’s Basketball program.
  10. Is responsible for overseeing player development off the field.


  1. Serves on committees of the College, as requested.
  2. Carries out special projects and responsibilities as directed by the Athletic Director.


Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

Link: https://www.stvincent.edu/about/work-for-svc
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