Head Men’s Basketball Coach – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

School: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Position: Head Coach
Position Type: Full-time
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division III

The Departments of Intercollegiate Athletics and Kinesiology are seeking a Head Men’s Basketball Coach (Coach, CC001) and a Lecturer (TL020). This position will be split as 70% Head Coach and 30% as a Lecturer in Kinesiology.

This position reports to the Athletic Director and the Kinesiology Department Chair and supervises Assistant Coach(s) and Student Assistant(s). The selected candidate will maintain a good working relationship with the Athletic Director, Kinesiology Department Chair, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Athletic Department Support Staff and other Department and University personnel.

Academic Staff positions are provided fixed-term appointments with annual renewals unless otherwise noted. Reappointments for subsequent terms is dependent upon performance, University funding and external forces.


The Head Coach’s responsibilities range from the planning, recruiting, coaching, developing, implementing, communication and administering of his/her program to achieve University and Department objectives to teaching duties within the Department of Kinesiology.  Goals and objectives are to be developed prior to the beginning of each season with the Athletic Director. The selected candidate must exhibit behavior that enhances the respect for the student-athletes, the athletics program, the University, and yourself in the conduct of your professional responsibilities. This position is required to direct and control the program in accordance with NCAA, WIAC, and University rules and regulations.  Violation of University, NCAA or Conference rules on the part of Athletic Department personnel may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree
  • Five (5) years’ experience coaching competitive basketball at the college level – one (1) year at an assistant position or above
  • Demonstrated administrative and organizational experience as a collegiate basketball coach
  • Candidates must have the ability to successfully impart sport-specific knowledge
  • The demonstrated ability to identify and recruit student-athletes
  • This position requires well-developed communication skills, as well as strong time management and organizational skills
  • The demonstrated ability to manage a budget
  • Must be able to work weekends/evenings and travel

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to interact respectfully with people from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Willingness and ability to be an active participant in following applicable safety rules and regulations including necessary training and drills




1. Adhere to all rules and guidelines of the NCAA, WIAC and University.
2. Plan and direct the development of student-athletes in relation to general and specific skills necessary for successful competition.  
3. Ensure that appropriate safety precautions are taken by all personnel involved with the program.  Adhere to all athletic training measures for the safety and welfare of students and staff.
4. Work with Athletic Department Business Manager in monitoring your operating budget and any other accounts for the program which includes: transportation, meals, lodging, officials, equipment, and supplies.
5. Instruct assistant and student coaches in the principles and rules of the sport, WIAC, NCAA, and University policies.
6. Schedule, prepare, and supervise all team travel, including transportation, lodging, and meals.
7. Assist in search and screen process for assistant coaches.
8. Function as a liaison with support personnel (athletic administration, athletic training, strength & conditioning, and facilities) to ensure the safety, maintenance and preparation of the playing and practice areas for all students and staff.
9. Monitor the academic process of the student-athletes on your team ensuring that normal progress is made toward the attainment of the degree.
10. Develop and promote a team consciousness of academic achievement to ensure an atmosphere supportive of and conducive to academic success.
11. Define and implement team and individual goals.
12. Maximize player and team performances by identifying team strengths and weaknesses.
13. Assign coaching and recruiting responsibilities to and supervise the work of assistant coach(s).
14. Develop and implement game strategy independently or in consultation with assistant coach(s).
15. Plan and organize in-season and off-season programs.
16. Provide information requested by the athletic administrators, including eligibility and participation information promptly and accurately.
17. Develop game scheduling in accordance with guidelines and calendars of University and regulatory bodies; assures understanding and awareness of academic schedules and pertinent game regulations.
18. Reserve athletic facilities for games, practices, and special events, as required.
19. Work with Athletic Department Business Manager in arrangement for game officials.
20. Assist with management and conduct of athletic contests.
21. Attend Department meetings. 
22. Attend appropriate WIAC meetings.
23. Attend job-related clinics and conferences.
24. Assist the Sports Information Director by providing information to ensure all necessary statistical, student-athlete and staff information is current.
25. Promptly Inform the Sports Information Director of any changes in schedules, rosters and staff personnel.
26. Provide results of all home and away games, as needed, in a timely manner.
27. Never publicly criticize student-athletes, the university support staff, game officials or opponents.


1. Develop and maintain effective a competitive program through the recruitment of quality student-athletes and successful coaching of those individuals. 
2. Plan, organize, implement and evaluate recruiting activities within guidelines set by the NCAA, WIAC and University. 
3. Complete recruiting logs on a monthly basis.
4. Identify, observe, evaluate and select prospective student-athletes.
5. Inform prospective student-athletes on matters concerning educational, career and sports competition opportunities.
6. Oversee prospective student-athletes visits to and from campus to ensure a safe, informative and pleasant experience.
7. Provide the Admissions/Registrars offices with desired information on all incoming student-athletes.


1. Develop and execute fund raising projects needed to support program.
2. Strongly encourage development and direction of programs such as camps, clinics, and workshops.
3. Assist in developing support to promote your sport.
4. Assist with total program support through Athletic Department activities and events.


1. Assist the Equipment Manager as requested in all matters pertaining to selection, ordering and returning of equipment, supplies and materials.
2. Provide laundry personnel with updated roster, game and practice schedules in a timely fashion to ensure that general laundry and game uniforms are readily available when needed.
3. Inform student-athletes of their responsibility and financial obligation of returning sports equipment and uniforms.


1. Provide your assigned Certified Athletic Trainer with support, updated practice schedules and information necessary for them to care, prevent and rehabilitate your student-athletes. 
2. Provide Strength & Conditioning Coordinator with support and information necessary for the proper conditioning of your student-athletes.


1. Carry out teaching responsibilities within the Department of Kinesiology according to standards established by the department.
2. Attend Departmental meetings and support Department outreaches as requested.
3. Maintain regular weekly office hours.


1. Attend job-related clinics and conferences.
2. Maintain current membership in professional organizations.
3. Take part in professional development and educational activities to stay abreast of new ideas, concepts and changes in your area.


1. Serve on department and university committees as needed.
2. Serve as a resource to the community in areas of expertise.
3. Assist with the development of outreach activities which support and enhance the athletics program, individual sport, and university.

*Assume other duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics.

*This job description is to be used as a guide for accomplishing institutional and departmental objectives and conveys the primary functions and responsibilities of the position.

Applicant Information:

Follow link below for complete job posting and application information.

Link: https://www.careers.wisconsin.edu/psc/careers/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM
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