Intern Video Teaching Coordinator – West Coast Basketball Operations of Analytics 4 Coaches

School: West Coast Basketball Operations of Analytics 4 Coaches
Position: Intern Video Teaching Coordinator
Position Type: Internship

This position serves as an intern video teaching coordinator for the West Coast basketball operations of Analytics 4 Coaches. This position requires great teaching skills in basketball software including scheduling all training sessions and related video and software lesson plans from Analytics 4 Coaches online classes. 

  • Provide support to Analytics 4 Coaches in all areas related to teaching online basketball software and time management to former NBA & WNBA players thru weekly webinars on Zoom as part of the NBA-Assistant Coaches Program.

Essential Duties

  • Manage and teach all video-related activities for the Analytics 4 Coaches programs, including the coordination, management, and video analysis of practice plans, opponents, and game film for online classes, development and scouting purposes in Pacific Standard Time Zone.
  • Coordinate homework assignment via satellite, internet, and webcast.
  • Administer each area of technology training in basketball software Synergy, Fast Draw, Fast Scout and Sports Code.
  • Ability to supervise up to 10 online students in video support including homework schedule. Games for live instantaneous breakdowns to be used in post-game testing.
  • Provides recommendations for future scheduling of e-learning modules.
  • Working knowledge of Justplay Sports software.

Required Qualifications

  • Ability to communicate clearly and teach online basketball software, must be able to prove teaching ability.
    • Two (2) years of experience in video production, content creation, and/or live video production.
    • College basketball support staff or coaching role.
    • Knowledge of current technology-based systems and software applications (i.e. PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, internet-Email, Slack)
    • Specialized knowledge of video software and sports video editing programs (i.e. XO’s, Justplay Sports, Fast Draw & Scout, Sports Code, Synergy,…etc.)• Apple Catalina software.
    • Knowledge of and commitment to the mission of A4C Basketball, training future coaches in basketball analytics. Successful candidate will travel to Portsmouth Invitational and Chicago Pre-draft events. This is a special opportunity.


Applicant Information:

Please forward resumes to: [email protected]

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