Video Coordinator – Cincinnati – Full-time

School: Cincinnati
Position: Video Coordinator
Position Type: Full-time
Salary: 3K
Organization: NCAA
Level: Division I
Conference: Big East

The Basketball Video Coordinator is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of a video analysis program for the men’s program. This person is responsible for the daily operations of video/film management for the Men’s Basketball program. The Basketball Video Coordinator is responsible for abiding by all conference, professional certification requirements, and NCAA regulations. Duties and responsibilities will include * Develop and implement a basketball video analysis and presentation program. * Maintain and develop video system * Serve as a resource for visiting team video coordinator* Specific Responsibilities * Develop and implement a basketball video analysis and presentation program * Working with proprietary third party software, work with coaches to develop a preferred method of analyzing and presenting basketball video. * Video tape basketball games and practices when requested. *Provide coaches and student athletes with on-going training and development of technical skills related to video programs* Edit basketball practice and games for coaches’ analysis on tape and computer video network * Coordinate the scheduling and processing of video tape exchange with other schools. * Edit teaching/clinic and recruiting tapes, edit and produce end of season highlight video and any in-season highlight videos. *Maintain a video library for all sports video associated with the men’s basketball program* Work with department resources to enhance the in-game video presentation on the main basketball scoreboard. * Maintain and develop video system * Work with video equipment and software supplier to maintain and update video equipment as needed. * Monitor condition and usage of men’s basketball video equipment * Work with video software supplier, through updates and user suggestions, to maximize the program for use. * When possible, serve as a resource to other sport programs as a source of advice * Advise programs on video software and its proper use * Other Duties as Assigned.

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