JR Inman’s Rutgers rant….

For those who have been following the situation at Rutgers, it gets messier and messier each day. Head Coach Fred Hill has had to deal with player defections, a tough record in the Big East (8 BE wins in 3+ seasons), and declining attendance at The RAC. It got a whole lot worse this week when former player JR Inman published this scathing insider view of Rutgers basketball on his Facebook. There was an article on NJ.com that makes no bones about the declining situation at Rutgers.

NJ.com article


JR Inman’s rant (good luck if you can make it through the entire diatribe…..)

Ok people, so this is about to be the most controversial Note you’ve ever read. Everyone who knows me or anything about Rutgers Basketball knows that Me and the current Head Coach Fred Hill have our differences. What you guys don’t know is just how much of a scum bag this guy really is and guess who’s about to air his punk ass out. Me.3 years ago Fred Hill stole the Head Coaching Job from the Coach who recruited me to Rutgers Gary Waters. Since then the program has been in complete turmoil. Among many excuses Hill has been using to justify his lack of success, the biggest one was "Jr Inman". He black balled me from the NBA as he told General managers and coaches that I was a cancer and the focal point of all our negativity. Furthermore, He used my name as a persuasive recruiting mechanism to recruit players to come here. Johnathan Mitchel told me himself that when he transfered into Rutgers the coaches told him that I was a problem Child and that when I left things would be so much better. They gassed him up into believing that he was going to replace me(I averaged 12 points and 7 rebounds and 1 block a game for two years straight, Mitchel is averaging 10 points and 4 rebounds you do the math). I felt ultimately disrespected for many reasons. First off, out of everyone that was on the team at the time I was the most accomplished student athlete. (Freshman All-American, 1,000 point scorer, top 10 RU history in Block Shots and top 25 in rebounds). Scholastically, I graduated with a 2.7 GPA and majored in communications without recieving help from any boosters or tutors doing my work for me. Mr. Hill would constantly mother f*** me to death at practice. It became a point where I did no even want to go to practice anymore.My Junior year i was averaging 17 pointsd and 9 rebounds a game and on my way to earning first big east honors. After the Manhatten game that year I posted 16 points and 10 rebounds during that contest. A few days later he benched me saying that I don’t rebound enough, and I break up the offense. Mind you at the time i was top 5 in the best conference in the country in rebounding. So i came of the bench for the rest of my junior year.Despite the hateration from this asswhole, i still got invited to enter the NBA draft my junior year in college. Ned Cohen was the name of the gentlemen who called my cellphone gaurrenting me that I would be a second round pick. I told Mr. Cohen that I wanted to come back for my senior year and earn my degree. Not knowing just how much of an asswhole Fred was going to be I came back my senior year. Coming off the bench every single game my senior year I still managed to score my 1,000th point against Marquette on January 2,2009.Some of you may be wondering why Fred did this to me. Well to his defense, I was apart the aftermath of Coach Gary Waters recruiting class the clast class that came to RU before he was constructively Discharged. When Fred got the Job he vowed to athletic Director Bob Mulcachy that as soon as FIG (Anthony Farmer, Jr Inman, and jaron Griffin) is gone he will turn the program around and win a Big East Championchip. So let’s fast foraward into the Present.Since Fred (not coach hill but fred is his name) took over the job he has lost 3 times as many games as he has won. Five of his recruits have transfered (Earl Pettis, justin Softman, Greg Ech, Corey Chandler, and Christian Morris) and the ones that are currently thier want out (trust me). I feel bad for my fellow teammates that are still thier cause it is about to get really ugly.I don’t want to put all of Fred’s buisness out thier. I’m sure youll read about it in the Newspapers within the next couple of weeks but I just want the public to know one thing. "It took 3 years for Fred Hill to cook his steak of turmoil but the check for the dinner is coming due". As for me, I’m still Jr. Ballin in Japan right now in my own apartment with a balcany and a bachelors degree to fall back on. Only the strong survive and this one man Fred Hill has taught me more about life than you’ll ever know. I hope he see’s this post as will as that ass kisser Coach Jim Car.Overall I love my program. Coach Carter stay up and keep the faith. You will rise through all of this Bullshit. Coach Savino please leave. We bumped heads alittle bit but i always respected you at the end of the day. Coach Dyer please get a life. Stop trying to act black when you have blond hair and blue eyes. Can yall believe this fool actually goes around telling people he’s black. OMG. we took a team trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame and this dick head was shooting around with a backwards Cap on his head. this grown as 40 year old man didn’t even have the decency to take his hat off in a place that he couldn’t even get a job being a hallway monitor in. He is Fred’s Ass Kisser, well one of them in case yall are wondering who i’m referring two.I know yall may think i’m buggin or over stepping bounderies but after all I have been through at Rutgers all I can say is to all the Fred Hill supporters and anti Jr Inman credicts that bashed me for 3 years and nearly ruined my basketball Careeer. F*** YOU!!!!karma is a bitch and if my memory serves me correct Johnathan Mitchel had a interview on media day and was talking down the class that I came in with that consisted of me, jaron, and Ant. Mitch I’m no tmad at your comments you made against me griff and ant, but what i am mad at is that you let Freddy brainwash you into really thinking I was the problem. Don’t think i’m talkin bad about you but all i’m saying is never let anyone turn you against those that rode witchu from the jump. I remember when you had your knee surgery. Who was thier to help you and cook you some food when we were in Rockoff. Me, not Freddy, not Jimmy, none of them. Mike Rosario is one of the teammates I hung out with the most at RU. Mah dude, do yourself a favor and continue to put up them numbers and at the end of the season either transfer or enter the draft.Fred can’t do anything but hold you back. If anyone has a problem with this post you can see me. I aint never scared. I got the support of the Que Dogs, mah niggaz from Rocktown Enterprise, my family, my church family, and a bunch of die hard fans that love me. I wish Fred would call my cellphone talkin shit. If I was 30 years older, 10 inches shorter and a fag, I would go to the rac right now and punch Fred Right in his face.In closing, I want to thank all who are rady this note. To some it is an eye opener, to others it a document that is answering alot of unanswered questions. Initially I wanted to take Fred to court and sue for defamation of charecter. My senior year in college I took an employment in law class and we learned about that. During class I would sit there mesmorized realizing that everything we learned in class I have experienced first hand thanks to your boy Freddy. My close friends know how much I dreaded coming from practice because of Fred Hill. He literally turned me into a psycopathic disfunctional human being for my entire senior season. Long after I have retired I will always remember Fred Hill the Gift and the Curse. A gift because he opened my eyes to the real world and just how cruel it is. This prepared me to facfe anything. A curse because if it wasn’t for him I would probably be helping the Knicks out right now cause God Damn their Bad. Please anyone who reads this feel free to comment.‬