Kennesaw State Dirt…

All kinds of things going on with the search at Kennesaw State. Head coach Jimmy Lallathin was “reassigned” a few weeks ago and assistant coach David Rivers was named as the interim head coach. Lallathin himself was the interim head coach for half of the 2013-14 season before being promoted to head coach last spring. He replaced Lewis Preston who took a leave of absence and never returned. Early on here, it seemed like Rivers had some support, and looked like he was in a position to vie for the job on a permanent basis.

Now, it has been reported that the school is conducting an internal investigation into the program. AD Vaughn Williams will not give any specifics on the investigation, but he did say that he hopes to wrap it up in two weeks. Williams also said that a national search will be conducted – the job was officially posted on Monday (…). People who I have talked to close to the situation have said it sounds less and less likely that Rivers will be retained. Also, multiple sources have told me that they believe the job will pay in the neighborhood of $125,000, and that Williams is looking for an experienced head coach.

Just to add a little intrigue…Lallathin’s attorney said earlier in the week that he was going to release some type of statement (which has not been released yet) – very curious to see what it says. Maybe it will shed some light on to what is going on here. Pretty interesting situation that we will keep following.

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