Kyle Manary Resigns as Head Basketball Coach at Angelina College

Kyle Manary has resigned as the head basketball coach at NJCAA Angelina College (TX). Manary had been the Roadrunners head coach for the past two seasons where he won 37 games. About an hour ago, Manary posted the following message on Facebook:

Today is a bitter sweet day for us. I have decided to resign my position at Angelina College to pursue my eventual dream of becoming a Division 1 Head Coach. It’s a long long process n grind to get there and we believe God wants us to start that process now. We have had a absolutely wonderful 2 years at Angelina College and in the BEST community in all the world. I am proud of how involved our team has been changing n shaping the lives of all our lil people at every single school in this community and what we have accomplished. I want to thank Dr Simon, Coach Guy Davis, the Board, our Roadrunner Foundation board, n ALL the faculty and staff at AC for a great 2 years and all the memories. We truly love this community and appreciate how welcome ya’ll have made us feel!! Now it’s on to the next part of our journey n we can’t wait to see how God uses us next!


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