Matthew Graves will return to South Alabama next season

According to, South Alabama head coach Matthew Graves will return to the Jaguars bench next season. Graves squad finished 14-18 (7-11) this past season, and he now holds a 51-78 mark is his four seasons as the school. The former long-time Butler assistant will have one year remaining on his contract which pays him just over $300,000 per year.

Athletic Director Joel Erdmann told,

“Coach Graves will be with us next year,” Erdmann said. “I think if you start with him, he knows and understands that where we ended up from a competitive standpoint is not where we want to be. He, myself and our entire fan base know that’s not our expectations and our goals. I believe that he has a plan in the world of recruiting. Some of the younger student-athletes that we have, and some of those that we have coming in, I’m excited to see what that will result in.

“So coach Graves will be returning. We’re going to support him with all that we can to help him and the basketball program be successful.”

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