More Random Coaching Rumors…..

I am starting to hear Jay Lawson’s name more and more at Boston University. The highly successful DII head coach (Bentley College) would make an interesting choice, given the amount of quality assistants out there. On 3/15, I had Lawson listed among my "long shots" to get the BU job. Apparently he has moved up the list.…

I wonder how the recent recruiting scandal at UConn will effect the candidacy of UConn assistant Andre LaFleur. LaFleur has publically expressed his interest in the job and his name has not been mentioned in the Yahoo! report.

I gave 4 names for the job at Cal Poly earlier in the week (…), but apparently the list has expanded. The three new names that are being bantered around are, Jeff Oliver (Head Coach, DII Cal State San Bernardino – 1995 Cal Poly grad), Philip Matthews (Nebraska assistant, former head coach at San Francisco), and Brad Soderberg (former head coach at St. Louis, current AD at Loras College). I still think USC’s Bob Cantu is the guy for the job, but there is a lot of interest in this position.

My sources are telling me that Oregon is going to make a decision on the fate of Ernie Kent in the next few days. He has a one million dollar buy-out clause and I heard that if Oregon can justify the expenditure, Kent will be gone.

Staying in Oregon…..I’m starting to hear some speculation that Craig Robinson will be a candidate at Virginia. A move to Charlottesville would put him closer to his brother-in-law Barack Obama. I think UVA will go after Oklahoma’s Jeff Capel first, but don’t count Robinson out of the mix.

Appalachian State has formed their search committee to hire the next coach. It includes: Stan Aeschleman, ASU’s provost and executive vice chancellor; Michael Baylor, student representative; Charlie Cobb, ASU’s athletics director; Avery Hall, a former ASU football player and member of the university’s board of trustees; Mark Harrill, Yosef Club representative; and Jean Roberts, senior associate director for academic advising. I wonder if any of them knew Buzz Peterson from his first go around at ASU?