NABC Forms Committee on Racial Reconciliation, Recommends Action Steps for Coaches

Committee to be chaired by South Carolina Head Coach Frank Martin

Story Courtesy NABC

The NABC has announced the formation of the NABC Committee on Racial Reconciliation. The Committee, which will be chaired by South Carolina head coach Frank Martin and populated by a collection of coaches and administrators, has been charged with addressing issues related to racial injustice both within intercollegiate athletics and society at large.

Additionally, the NABC Board of Directors has developed a list of recommended initial action steps to help coaches engage with their teams. Click here to view the full document. The recommendations have been distributed to all NABC member coaches, and include items under the following categories: 

  • Team communication
  • Student-athlete engagement
  • Connect with internal and external leaders
  • Become an advocate
  • Commit to learning

“The NABC spends significant time on important issues in our sport such as transfers and the recruiting calendar, but they pale in significance to the racial conflicts our country is currently facing and the underlying issues that got us to this point,” said NABC President and TCU head coach Jamie Dixon. “Our hope is that this committee and list of recommendations can leverage the platforms we have as coaches to help bring about needed change.”

Martin, along with six additional prominent men’s basketball coaches, will share more about the NABC’s efforts on Friday afternoon in a special webinar event titled “Using Your Platform as a Coach During this Critical Time.” The webinar is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. ET on Friday and can be accessed for free by clicking here.

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