NCAA: Former Pacific head men’s basketball coach must complete show-cause order

The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee upheld findings that Ron Verlin, the former head men’s basketball coach at Pacific violated academic misconduct and recruiting rules. As a result, the former head coach’s eight-year show-cause order also was upheld.

In the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions’ decision, the panel found that the former head coach failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance when he violated academic misconduct and recruiting rules to get prospects eligible. He also failed to monitor the activities of his coaching staff and violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he encouraged others to provide false information during the investigation.

In his appeal, the former head coach argued it was not a violation for him to help three prospects obtain their student visas by arranging for a booster and two of his business associates to provide financial sponsorship for the visa applications by signing the Statement of Financial Responsibility form. Further, he argued if it is a violation, it should be a school violation because he relied on information from other staff members. The former head coach also argued the academic misconduct findings should be set aside because he believed the information relied upon by the panel was not credible. Finally, because of these arguments, he believed that the panel abused its discretion in prescribing the show-cause order.

In its decision, the appeals committee noted the rules prohibiting a staff member from arranging financial assistance are clear and even if he relied on information from others, he still would have violated rules by arranging the assistance. Additionally, the appeals committee found the former coach did not demonstrate that the information he presented outweighed the information on which the Committee on Infractions panel based its findings of academic misconduct.

A PDF of the official findings can be found HERE.

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