New Haven opening….

It seems that I was incorrect yesterday when I blogged that New Haven was going DI. Apparently they are not. When I searched for Al Seibert’s career stats yesterday (after he announced his resignation), I found this:

1997-98 Western Ky. 3-3 .500

2005-06 New Haven 10-18 .357

2006-07 New Haven 9-19 .321

2007-08 New Haven 11-16 .407 Div. I exploratory year

2008-09 New Haven 8-19 .296 Reclassifying to Div. I

This came directly from the NCAA Career Stats site. I guess something must have happened in the past year, but it appears that New Haven will in fact remain in the NE-10 at the DII level after exploring the DI route.

With this info, we have heard that Albertus Magnus Head Coach Mitch Oliver will be the leading candidate. AMC is in New Haven, he won Coach of the Year in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference, and his team won the league. Looks like a good fit.

As a side note, this is a great site for looking up career stats for any player or coach who ever participated in an NCAA sport at any level.…