NEW:’s Recruiting Service Listings

As a coach, I know first-hand that recruiting is the lifeline of any college basketball program.  I am always looking for ways to outwork the competition and to identify as many recruitable players as possible. I have used recruiting services in my region for years, but have always had trouble identifying services in other areas.  I think that we here at have now found a solution…

The mission of HoopDirt has always been to help coaches.  We’ve provided, news, jobs, and rumors to the college basketball community and beyond for years now.  As we continue to grow, we would like to introduce our newest addition to the site – our recruiting/scouting services section.  With the eyes of the college basketball community on HoopDirt, we have been soliciting recruiting and scouting services to list information about their reports with us.  We want to compile the most complete list possible so coaches don’t have to dig to find a great recruiting report!

We are thrilled that DMVElite has agreed to be the first to be listed in our new section.  DMVelite Scouting is a regional scouting service providing information on players from Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

If you are interested in having your scouting service listed with us, please contact our Director of Business Development at [email protected] .  Also, if you have suggestions on reports that should be listed, please let us know as well.

Access to the new section can be found in the info bar at the top of every page, or by clicking here:  HoopDirt Scouting Recruiting and Services.  Here is a sample of what a recruiting/scouting service posting will look like:

Region Maryland, Virginia, D.C.
Director Edgar Walker
Contact Phone # 919-928-6278
Contact Email [email protected]
Price $120
Description Operated by DMVelite, the DMV Recruiting Guide is the most comprehensive scouting service in the DC/MD/VA area, providing comprehensive scouting reports on hundreds of players, predominantly based in the Baltimore and D.C. metro areas. The report also provides detailed academic information and contact information.