New rules hurt young coaches

The NCAA has approved a recruiting reform package. There are four major points – three are good – one is not so good for coaches.

The three that I don’t mind are:

1. Non-coaching position hiring regulations – Schools won’t be allowed to hire people in non-coaching positions associated with prospects two years before or after the prospect’s actual or anticipated enrollment. Not a bad idea – takes some of the "shadiness" out of the business.

2. Recruiting Services – Coaches can’t subscribe to recruiting services run by people connected with prospects. This should stop the previously legal flow of money to AAU coaches associated with prospects.

3. Non-profit donations – Coaches can’t donate to programs who are involved with summer basketball programs. Not a bad idea!

4. Here’s the one that stinks for young coaches – schools are only allowed to hire its own staff members or enrolled students at its camps and clinics. When I first started in this business, I would travel the country over the summer working college camps. I used to do 8-10 weeks of camp per summer – Kentucky, Virginia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Boston College, etc. It was a great way to meet people in the business, teach (and learn) basketball, and get paid to do it. Many younger assistants who I know still do this. I know a ton of guys who worked at Duke this summer – and had a great time doing it. I understand the philosophy behind this – the NCAA wants to eliminate the guys who are involved with a prospect from getting paid too much at camp. I think this initiative needs to be re-worked, and have an exception in there to allow current college coaches to be allowed to work camp. They are doing it for the right reasons – and are usually great hires for colleges looking to run camps. Almost half of my camp staff is made up of DII and DIII assistants. Please weigh in with your thoughts on this – especially if you are one of the guys that this affects. I will also post this is the forum so we can get a discussion going.