News and notes to start the week…..

Some of the DirtKing’s thoughts to start the week….

What a mess at FDU. It’s too bad that Tom Green had to go out the way he did. After 26 years at the helm, he was fired last week – no chance for him to land on his feet – it’s JUNE!! I’m not sure why the administration waited so long to make this decision. If they were going to can him, it should have been done immediately after the season. FDU would have had a better list of candidates at that time, and it would have been better for the current assistants – it would have at least given them a shot at finding another gig.

I heard some interesting names associated with the FDU job over the weekend. Current assistant Ron Brown will be considered. He was the head coach at Florida A&M (1993-1996 – 15-58) and has been an assistant at LIU, West Virginia, and Western Kentucky. He has been at FDU for the past seven seasons. Another interesting name is Rutgers assistant Jim Carr. He spent two seasons as an assistant at FDU under Green. He also made some great contacts while working for the Hoop Group and has been in the Big East at Rutgers for 10 seasons. Also heard two local high school coaches names pop up – St. Pat’s Kevin Boyle and St. Benedict’s Danny Hurley. They have done nothing but win at their respective schools, and have great reputations in the state of New Jersey. Should be an interesting search process. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.

Last week, I compared the Dartmouth situation to what happened at DePaul. Looks like I was wrong – the assistants at Dartmouth were not forced out (like they were at Depaul). They all left on their own – nothing shady here. This makes Dartmouth the third school this year that will have to replace their entire staff (Coastal Carolina and DePaul). Not an easy thing to do, but they Ivy League is a great place to coach, and I’m sure Coach Dunn will have plenty of qualified guys to choose from.

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, it looks like Jeff Gard will be announced as the head coach at UW Platteville this week. Here’s an article from Sunday’s Telegraph Herald:…

I’m glad that UT Martin athletics director Phil Dane acted quickly to resolve a messy situation. With the sudden resignation of Bret Campbell (…), Dane moved fast to promote assistant Jason James to head coach. James has been on the staff for the past 8 seasons. The program is headed in the right direction (22-10 last season), and it makes sense to keep it in the family.

Mike Davis is looking for an assistant and a director of ops at UAB. Both are great jobs – Davis is an excellent coach who will land back at the high major level soon.