PAT FLANNERY CONSULTING: Athletics, Basketball, Coaching, & Development

Former Bucknell head basketball coach Pat Flannery is working as a consultant in the areas of Athletics, Basketball, Coaching, and Development.

From Coach Flannery: “My goal is to share a lifetime of experience with athletic programs, coaches, players, and administrators to help identify and then create a program that addresses key athletic and university needs. I would share strategy for athletic department and basketball team success, as well as overall coaching philosophy and an understanding of development within the athletic circle.”

To learn more, visit the website HERE, or email Coach Flannery: [email protected]

Consulting areas:


  1. University Leadership
  2. Leadership on Campus
  3. Program Goals


1. Character & Culture
2. Playbook Development
3. Strengths Identification


1. Relationship Building on Campus
2. A Balanced Life
3. Player Connection and Development


  1. Program Funding
  2. Needs & Resource Identification
  3. Solicitation & Proposals
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