Reset Your Basketball Mindset For 2020

Many people take the opportunity of a new year to reset their fitness goals. The same should apply for the few months remaining this basketball season and your mindset going into summer. As a coach, player, or parent, use the new year to get back to your routine and feel proud of your efforts. 

Ignore the data

As a player myself, January could be a tough month as it was long and easy to loose sight of the goals we set in the fall. For me, I needed to ignore my stats for just a short time. And look forward to what the next month could be. I encourage you to not worry about your free throw percentage sinking to 50% or your 3 pt% percentage being less than what you wanted.

Don’t pay attention to that for the next few weeks, and focus on form, positive thinking, and getting up reps whenever you can. 

Practice Positive Self-Talk

When my coach in college used to make us practice positive self-talk, I won’t lie, it wasn’t my favorite activity. As I’ve grown older I have started to appreciate the difference a positive mindset can bring to my results daily. Instead of saying I “have to” do this. I challenge you to say that you “get to”
“I can’t wait to”
“I’m excited to”… 
Your mindset will be reflected in your behavior on the court, and I promise people will notice! 

Switch it Up

In order to encourage change for 2020, you will need to switch up your current routine. Do you stay after practice daily to shoot 10 extra free throws? Eat the same pre-game meal? Routine can be good, if it is working for you. Otherwise, switch it up! Get hungry for change by encouraging it through adapting your current behavior. Get to practice early and set a goal for a # of shots to get up. Make it easier on yourself by using a Dr. Dish  shooting gun. 

(Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash)


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