Elite Basketball Services Scouting (The JUCO Recruiting Report, Hoop Exchange HS Report and International Report)

Region Covering JUCO nationally, southeast high school, international prospects
Director Brad Winton and Scott Golden
Contact Phone # 440-231-1489
Contact Email [email protected]
Price Platinum $695, Gold $495, Silver $295

The Database. A new, real-time scouting database.

We moved our service online last year and have had an unbelievable response from our college and pro subscribers. We have an extremely high demand for our service from schools at all levels as well as pro teams throughout the world. Our service is very unique because it allows our subscribers access to our evaluations in real-time, which will give them a distinct advantage over other programs. Subscribers will still receive select reports and have access to our online database from their computer, ipad/tablet, phone, etc. 


*With our online scouting database, our subscribers don’t have to wait weeks for reports to be emailed. Instead college coaches can log in on their computer, tablet or mobile phone and view detailed info and evaluations on the top prospects in the U.S. and abroad in real time as our scouts add the information.

*Our scouting service staff  is able to attend a game, tournament or camp and add players to our database during the game or that night after leaving the gym. As soon as we add a player, our college coaching subscribers see it appear when they log in on their computer, tablet or phone.

*Our online database has detailed evaluations and info on each player as well as links to the player’s social media profile and much more. We feel our evaluations along with all of the additional detailed info we provide on each prospect will be extremely valuable to programs of all levels. It is also searchable and sortable by height, level, class, etc.


What We Cover:

The JUCO Recruiting Report – The JUCO Recruiting Report provides national coverage of the top junior college freshman and sophomores. We give you detailed evaluations (broken down by region and position) of all prospects’ strengths, weaknesses, height, weight, stats, contact info and academic information. We send out unsigned sophomore/availables lists in the spring/summer which include over 240 players. We will provide in-depth coverage of JUCO Jamborees, regular season games across the country, holiday tournaments, conference tournaments, regional tournaments, and NJCAA D1, D2, and D3 National Tournaments. We also provide full coverage of JUCO events throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Hoop Exchange HS Recruiting Report – Detailed/in-depth coverage of all high school prospects throughout the state of Florida as well as coverage on top prospects throughout the U.S.  We give you detailed evaluations of prospects strengths, weaknesses, height, weight, stats, contact info and academic information. We provide detailed reports on the best seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman throughout the state. We also provide spring and summer Travel Team previews and coverage along with coverage of high school events in the fall and throughout the high school season.

International Recruiting Report – Basketball is growing at a rapid pace outside of the U.S. and we help your program locate many of the top international prospects from around the globe.  We give you detailed evaluations of prospects strengths, weaknesses, height, weight, stats, contact info and academic information as well as all other info that you will need on international prospects. We will provide heavy coverage in Canada, the Caribbean, Brazil as well as portions of Europe, Australia and Africa.


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