Stay In the Game. Train Youth Players. Own Your Own Business

M14Hoops, the leading developer of basketball skills in Illinois and Indiana, is making its business model available to coaches and entrepreneurs across the country.  M14Hoops specializes in developing both female and male hoopers from 3rd to 12th grade and has successful operations in west Chicagoland and Indianapolis.

Founded in 2009 by Matt Miller, who grew up in Aurora, IL and played basketball collegiately and professionally, the company expanded to Indianapolis in 2015.  In 2018, M14Hoops opened the doors to a state-of-the-art basketball development facility in Aurora.  The success of the Indianapolis location convinced Matt that franchising was the next step in brand expansion.

“From the start of the company and still to this day, every business decision and every on-court adjustment we make is all centered around what is best for the players.  Without them, we are nothing and because of them, we have the opportunity and privilege to help turn Dreams into Reality.”  – Founder Matt Miller

Having all aspects of business and player development systemized and standardized has been critical to M14’s success.  Miller, understands and respects that every coach or trainer has their own unique philosophy and concepts; however, there is nothing worse than confusing players within the same organization because the coaches all teach different ways or using different terms.  At M14, a key to their success is their trainer certification process.  This process allows all staff to be consistent in their teaching methodology which establishes The M14 Way.  The M14 Way has helped 97% of all players who train with them make their high school teams and has helped save families over $10 Million in college tuition. 

Since its inception, M14Hoops has successfully trained over 15,000 players and now sees roughly 2,000 players annually between its two locations. Besides the systemized approach to player development, the “Academy” structure is unique to M14 and a critical developmental step.  To be accepted into the Academy, players are evaluated first, to ensure they are placed within the right group at their age level.  The commitment is generally 12 weeks with players training multiple times a week. This has allowed M14 to thoroughly develop players and has made it easy for parents to see the results.

“Keep the main thing, the main thing.” –founder Matt Miller